Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tips for a Better Life Tag: Eco friendly and money saving tips that anyone can do!

Peace, love, blessings, and good health to all of you reading this!

Ok so I created a tag! I have no idea why, maybe just to spice things up a bit and to hear some practical tips we can all share between us.

So what's the deal?

Basically take a few minutes and write down the tips that you incorporate in your life to either be more eco friendly, save money, or time! 

Its that simple. 

Look folks, I know you got one! 

 Here are mine! 

  • I only buy used books- Dear Amazon..marry me! If you live in the states and you don't use amazon you should definitely take a look. I love books and end up buying a few every several weeks or so. If I see a book I like, I always go to amazon first and buy it used. The lowest price a book can be is .01 (with a standard 3.44 shipping). Compare that to 12 or 15 dollars plus shipping. A book is a book and the used ones always seem in great condition to me. If I ever get time I go to thrift stores and buy children's books (getting the classics for 25 to 50 cents) and then I sanitize the pages before handing a load of them to mon sou sou.
  • Bread Bags for meat- Have you ever bought a large amount of chicken or ground beef before yet only cook a portion at a time? One way to avoid thawing the entire package of meat is to re-purpose bread bags. Take the meat, split it into servings and tie them up in bread bags. Now all you need to do is extract one to use when you want to cook a meal.
  • Styrofoam storage- Ok this has more to do with my business, but I have HUGE amount of supplies....Tiny beads and findings and tools out the wazoo. My sister and I thought of searching through the internet to buy plastic containers for storage when we realized we could spend 0 dollars by using the packaging from the food we buy.A lot of the Veggies come in styrofoam trays. Instead of tossing them in the garbage I put my supplies in them and use them till the container wears out and breaks from all the use. By the time that happens, there is a new container to use. I also get use out of plastic snack containers, and hair creme containers (we go through a lot of hair cream)
  • Re-using Paper Towels- Maybe this is a brown person thing but I swear its my new favorite thing to do. As a mommy I go through a considerable amount of paper towels its horrible. If there is a simple spill like juice, I use a paper towel, wash it under hot water, hang it to dry, and reuse the dried towel to say for example, clean the stove. I get double the use out of something I would of just trashed. Now it takes longer to go through a roll. 
Do any of these ideas seem helpful...or just plain crazy? Let me know! Also if you like, post your tips and pass me the link so I can let all my readers know what your tips are! Feel free to steal the image too! 

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  1. Amazing economic ideas! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Done!

    especially liked the "used books" idea. I waste way to much money for books I only read once.
    Have a nice week sweety

    1. oooh Im gonna go read it now! Awesome! I hope you and the little one are doing ok and in the best of health sis!

  3. These tips are great! Definitely going to utilize some of them at home. Thanks!!


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