Monday, May 13, 2013

Featured Events: Sister Swap Event!

Peace and blessings folks!

I always ALWAYS wanted to attend a swap event and yesterday alhamdoolilah I got my chance! I met up with a few other NYC sisters at Cafe Bene near Time square. 

First of all let me mention that Times square is not fun for me anymore. There are too many people, too much stimulation, (I sound like a grandma) and no one seems to know where they are going!
Last time I came to Times square I got followed by a homeless man and a pigeon almost took my eye out. Thus the memories still haunt me. 

Enter Cafe Bene. Just go in there if you don't believe me. [1611 Broadway] The atmosphere in there was like entering the twilight zone. Its so quiet and relaxed, almost like being in a library where people still follow the rules. I am sure the food and coffees were tasty, they had a large selection and the person who rang my bottle of water up was very nice. I really enjoyed it, looking out the window and seeing the droves of tourists scuttling by and knowing I would be safely nestled in Cafe Bene until it was time to brave those waters again.

Everyone was sweet, we had a few laughs, lots of random convos and wished each other well on the new paths we would all be taking.

I had an opportunity to give a preview of the Sultaness pieces (just mainly hijab pins) and told them about our upcoming launch party with inglot inshallah.

Here are some pictures the girls took!

Inshallah there will be another swap in June where we hope to have more people!

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