Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Coming of Faith! Yes and Yes Again!

Peace and Blessings folks!

Have you heard of Coming of Faith? It's an up and coming project that features stories of Muslim women from various backgrounds of how they came to identify as Muslims. Usually we have all these "Hijab Story" posts all over the internet. While I do think they have some value, they don't effect me on a deep way as much as reading about someone's personal journey towards their current spirituality.

According to the Coming of Faith Project, 

"these stories are kept within our own selves, shared only during special occasions or with certain individuals, with the fear of judgement and misunderstanding. This prevents the world from gaining a more nuanced understanding of the different pathways that Muslim women take and the struggles we go through as we strive to embrace and fully realize the potential of our faith. Many of us have had deeply transformative experiences that have shaped and continue to shape us as we walk on our faith journey. It's time we shared them with one another.We are not looking for the typical ‘hijab story’ nor are we looking only for stories about reaching a ‘higher level’ of Islam per se. Rather, we’re looking to collect a variety of stories of real women who faced real struggles and at the end of the day, identify as a part of the Muslim faith."

Go, and show some love and support! Inshallah it would be great to read your stories there!

Coming of Faith site.
Coming of Faith facebook

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