Friday, July 26, 2013

Post launch thoughts

Ah man its been so long since I blogged. I almost do not know what to say. Alhamdoolilah I launched the Sultaness and it is a certainly amazing company I am proud to run.

I think since launching I drink something called "Reality Juice 5.0" and I went from having expectations (before launching) to adjusting to reality. Positive and Negatives included.

But alhamdoolilah I am glad I made the jump so now I can focus building my knowledge and this business.

Whenever anyone asks me how Ramadan is going I sometimes have to force a positive response. I have nostalgic feelings for being a student back in uni with the freedom to arrange my day and worship to my hearts content. If I close my eyes and envision an ideal situation it would be far from what is present. Sometimes days are much harder then others as I barely get a break managing so much. I am Senora Complainsalot basically.

Sultana is amazing. Beautiful. Happy and well taken care of by me.

As for me...I haven't taken a picture in a LONG time for a good reason lol.

Some days become so hard I just want to shout or bang my angry woman fists and spew all the bitterness and regret I can muster. I think things are more exacerbated because I am still going through a legal divorce and for some reason Ramadan all of it is picking up again.

It feels as almost as if I am being attacked from all sides to prevent myself from enjoying this month.

And soon Ramadan will leave and be lost forever.

I wish I had something powerful, intellectual, or perhaps inspiring to say but that would be forcing it. Right now I am taking deep breaths and pacing myself.

Current goals I am setting and working towards:
1. Finishing reading Quran for the month
2. Memorizing new surat inshallah ya rab
3. Writing an ebook or presentation on networking for Muslim business owners
4. Taking advantage of the upcoming days as if they were my last (inshallah)
5. Daily reading and increasing my knowledge for my career
6. Downsizing..getting rid of some of my emails and even this blog...what do you think?

You are AmaZing


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