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Habits to live by: Eating Healthy (Annette Larkins)

Salam Folks! 

Several months ago my sis and I found a link to an extraordinary interview with Annette Larkins. 

She is a 70 year old woman who looks much MUCH younger without any work or craziness that has become common for the aging nowadays. She is vibrant, healthy, and absolutely gorgeous...all as a result from her incredible diet of 27+ years. 

By the way...this is real! 

She should be more famous than she is. But I think she is being overlooked by some media due to the fact that this would put the food industry on its ass. Growing your own foods? And its cheaper? And your  health would be awesome? Oh and you age beautifully? Even if you can't make such a dramatic switch to her kind of diet, you can always gradually incorporate more healthy options by keeping your long term health goals in mind. 

Sis and I made a choice

While we were not the worst eaters beforehand, we knew we could do better. As soon as we moved and we had an empty fridge we started making more conscious and informed decisions when it came to grocery shopping. Overall we eat at home almost all the time, buy more organic and unprocessed foods, eat veggies and fruit with almost every meal on a daily basis, and eat little to no red meats. 

There is so much more to our eating habits but I can say that since switching over, we have more energy, increased mood levels, feel fuller longer, are losing weight, and feel less heavy and sleepy after eating!!!

Top Foods in my Diet

  1. Kale- Kale is one of the most healthiest foods you can eat! If you haven't heard about it then you might as well give yourself a little pinch for missing out! It is a type of green from the cabbage family that has a great flavor and goes well by itself or almost with any meal. The benefits are just incredible so read up on it if you are interested. When I eat kale, I feel incredibly satisfied, I feel lighter and rejuvenated! Sou sou eats kale as if it were chocolate btw! Booyah! 

2. Chocolate Almond Milk

Let's face it, we all need a sugar fix every now and then!  I found a way  to skip out on cakes and fatty kid deliciousness by replacing it instead with a cup or a sip of chocolate almond milk. I find that by doing this I don't get all crazy and moody when I need a sugar fix. Apparently almond milk is very low in calories and much higher in nutritional and vitamin content compared to soy and rice milks. I always have chocolate almond milk in my fridge if I can help it. 

3. Breads infused with seeds, grains, flax, and qinoa-Whenever sis and I go to the wholefoods, I run straight to the baked breads section and buy 5 to 7 loaths. We ration this for the month by freezing the loathes. Whenever we want to eat we defrost the bread,  put it on a pan with olive oil and eat it with hummus, yogurt, goat cheeze, or eggs, or any other deliciousness we can muster....yummm! I try to buy the loathes made with extra healthy additions like nuts or seeds. While I would prefer to eat less bread, buying the more healthier versions makes it worth it in my opinion. 

4. Greek yogurt-In university, my roommate turned me on to fage greek yogurt and I have never gone back. Hands down I prefer the thicker, creamier, and surprise surprise, healthier choice that is greek yogurt. Whatever brand you prefer, definetly opt for it over the other options. There is no high fructose corn syrup, and you can mash frozen fruits in there for the flavored versions. 

5. Frozen juice-Ever since I read into frugal food options I have stuck with frozen juice. You can buy cans of frozen juice for as little as a dollar a can in the frozen foods section. I usually buy 3-5 cans a month and mix them in water and lemon and frozen fruits for
great juice options. The benefits of frozen juice is not just that its cheaper, but most of it is 100% juice and frozen at the ripest state so it tastes absolutely delicious. 

What types of healthy foods do you eat all the time? Would you try any of these? Tell me what you think! 

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  1. She looks wonderful but to be honest I see many of us African descent people walking around looking years younger than we are. We do have good genes mashaAllah.
    Chinese people have staple but nutritious diets and they stay healthy a lot longer like the Italians. They eat organic and fresh food so they are blessed with strong and resilient bodies. In the West good food is expensive so we tend to buy the cheaper food which results in buying less quality foods.
    I eat salad daily. Vegetable many times during the week and use less seasoning on my meat or chicken. The seasoning contain high levels of salt and it just adds to high blood pressure and other problems.
    I love Kale but hardly buy it. Do you guys have Jamie Oliver in the US? He cooks wonderful healthy meals that any one can try out at home.
    Thanks for the refreshing post sis!


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