Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Style: 3eed

Salam folks, 

Things were thrown off from Sandy but inshallah slowly and surely we are hoping things get better. Here are some photos and vids from Eid. Sis and I got dressed up and attended the morning prayer at the mosque down the street which is going through some repairs as it was flooded just days later. 

That night I attended the Brooklyn mosque for rose preparation for an event known as Roses from the Prophet with beautiful group of brothers and sisters. As soon as I get those photos will be telling you all about it inshallah. 

Dress and undershirt: Tunisia Marketplace
Ring: XSRE
Hijab: Nordstroms
Hijab pin: My design soon for sale next year!!

Yes I did match with my daughter! Here she is going through her book stash after prayer.


  1. haha aww little susu, and nice jalabiya/hijab.

  2. Ahh I love it all...the colours and design. I also love my fave littliest beauty and the dress of course.
    I hope inshaAllah that the mosque gets repaired soon. Glad that you're ok.



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