Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Business Planning Chapter 5: Beginning Again

Hello folks! 

I hadn't worked on my dear business in such a long time. The move took longer than expected (a few months) and I was not able to attend the ISNA conference like I had built myself to do. At the time of coming to realization we would not open in May (of this year) I did feel a sense of sadness and frustration.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

For some odd reason, losing power really helped put things in focus. No power meant no distracting TV. No power meant barely any light to work in. My sis and I sat in the same room in near darkness and started thinking, and questioning, and we are back to working again. Our dormant thoughts have awakened alhamdoolilah.

If you want be the first "in" on our new business follow the LFFM facebook page on the right hand side :).

Have a great day!


You are AmaZing


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