Saturday, March 31, 2012

They Say it better and Spotlight: Laila A, modern sister doing great things!

Asalamu Alaykum folks!
Isn’t it beautiful to read about adventurous spirits who take life by the reigns and do the things we usually just sit and dream about!? Laila is one of those chicas! Hijab clad, full spirit and passion, she is now training to hike the Grand Canyon! Yes...hike the GRAND CANYON!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Style: Hijab Shot

Asalamu Alaykum Folks! 

Friday night was not good for me. I was under a lot of anxiety. Sou sou woke up every 15 to 30 minutes crying constantly. She made sure to sleep on my chest despite me pushing her off. It wasn't until the next morning (when there was light) when I realized she just wasn't being fussy. There was something green under one of her finger nails. I didn't know if she had a splinter or what.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Adventures with sou sou!

First time I introduced sou sou to the word Ameen (Aaa-meeen). For all of those unfamiliar with this pronunciation, another familiar version is Amen (Ay-men). Also tried to get her to do one typical hand signs to indicate supplication or dua. She knows to do the sign when we say "bismillah." In the video she sticks her head on the ground pretending to do her updated version of sujood. 

I had just put her in the corner for being naughty earlier so she ran out as soon as she could. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GAWgeous Sctuff: Brooch bling Eye-candy

Asalamu Alaykum Folks! 

I have been missing these past few days, but honestly if feels like forever. I miss perusing and reading your blogs and now I feel like I am completely behind. Please forgive me as my level of activity has completely overflowed. Here is what has happened in the past few days:

1. My Besty and I have received offers for possible investment in the company (which pressures me more to finish the business plan sooner than I had expected)
2. We have improved our organization for the business considerably
3. We realized we have a lot of stuff  (made and in progress) and will be working on creating even more
4. We were blessed (Alhamdoolilah) with sister UmmHashim, who not only came and helped with some of the work pertaining to research and inventory, but did it incredibly well mashallah. She also has her own blog where she talks about beauty and frugality. Check her out here! Jazakallah Khayr Sis
5. Sou sou learned how to say eyebrow and Ameen
6. Sou sou learned how to do the hand signs for supplicating dua. Mashallah!
7. I realized I got really chunky in the past few days and will resume working out very VERy soon haha.

Sooooo here is some delicious eye candy for your ladies out there.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Jumuah Mubarak: Gratitude List Friday!

Asalamu Alaykum Folks,
 Jumuah Mubarak! I hope you are all in the best of health and imaan. I am still busy of course, but this coming week should be much better for me when it comes to posting.
The Giveaway ended yesterday. If you entered, go check out whether you won or not in the previous post. 
Today we will be featuring another LFFM Guest Gratitude List. If you are interested in creating one yourself, its very easy. Just sit down for several minutes and write consecutively at least 50 things you are grateful for. It will help improve your mood and realize all those blessings that get overlooked.  
My first Gratitude list here.

1st Guest Gratitude list here.

Congrats to  Eliza for making this heart-touching list. I first met her in Egypt at AUC my first semester. She and I became close and she was one of my best friends overseas. Its my mission in the next few year to go to Egypt again and reunite with her and all the lovely girls I met.  Alhamdoolilah she recently got married to the guy of her dreams!

Enjoy Folks!

1.       Being Muslim and knowing God
2.       Having been guided to Islam and shown where Allah’s path is and where it leads to
3.       My wonderful, supportive, fun-loving, funny, crazy, kind, smart husbandand the beautiful home that we have
4.       Having the most awesome, most supportive friends in the world. Without them the world would be less colourful, less entertaining and less yummy!
5.       Having the ability to see, hear, taste, smell, walk and general good health
6.       Having been born with no mental disabilities or allergies!
7.       Having been blessed enough throughout my life so far to not know hunger, thirst or any kind of material deprivation
8.       Despite the way things are at this very moment, I’m thankful that I have a family whom I had and still will have great memories to make and share
9.       My parents who brought me Islam, cared and provided for me
10.   My mother who taught me all the skills have and who inspired me to increase my faith
11.   My father who is always there when I need him
12.   Sister Fatima who taught me what faith is, how to pray, how to read Arabic and Quran, how to love Allah.
13.   Having parents in the first place and not being an orphan
14.   Having nice in-laws
15.   Knowing how to read, write and think in general
16.   My education and my degree
17.   Finishing my education
18.   My awesome job full of awesome people!
19.   Having a job!
20.   My metabolism and without which I’d most definitely NOT be the size I am now
21.   As far as I know, the ability to have children
22.   All the skills that I’ve been taught and the talents I’ve been blessed with
23.   Not being completely socially awkward
24.   A sense of humour
25.   An taste for fun in this life
26.   The wisdom to know and see the delusions in this life
27.   The wisdom to know that there should be a balance between “el duniawa el akheera”
28.   Learning to strive for this balance
29.   Learning to love, lose and love again
30.   Knowing now, the difference between deep infatuation and real love
31.   Learning to love things and people for the sake of Allah and learning that this is the most liberating kind of love there is in this life
32.   Hearing the call to Fajr prayer even while deep in sleep
33.   Beingmotivated to learn more about Islam
34.   Having a husband who is willing to teach me more and learn with me
35.   Understanding enough Arabic to do more than just survive here!
36.   Learning relatively quickly
37.   Not living or have ever lived in a country ravaged by war
38.   Having experienced the Egyptian revolution first hand
39.   Not having any relatives or close friends who were killed during the revolution
40.   Not having ever been under any kind of attack or assault
41.   Not having, so far, a major car accident
42.   Never having broken a bone, so far…
43.   Never having the need for stitches or major surgery
44.   Having goals that motivate me to keep improving myself and my life
45.   Knowing how to drive in Egypt!
46.   Being able to see God’s work everywhere and in everything in this life
47.   Knowing what it feels like to have your prayers answered and seeing the blessings that come with being patient during a test from God
48.   The realization, now, that even after all the things I’ve done, there was always God looking after me and constantly calling me back to Him. Like a child who rebelliously ran through a field of tall grass only to cry and get lost all the while hearing a familiarly pleasant voice calling out for him to come back.
49.   Having the awareness of the darkness within my own heart and the willingness to try to correct it
50.   Knowing the purpose of my life

Thursday, March 15, 2012

And the Winner is......

Ok, finally got the chance to determine our first Giveaway winner! Chosen randomly through an online generator, it is ....(duh duh daaa)

Muslima on the Moon! 

Now, I couldn't help myself so I we also have a second winner! Zee winner for the second prize (just a pick from my future store) is.....

New Wife (A New Muslim Wife)

All you ladies have to do is contact me at to claim your awesome prizes!

Before I go, let me direct your attention to all the entrees' blogs. If you are aware, the requirements for our first giveaway had to do with setting goals. Each of these ladies took the time out of their day to answer the questions about what goals they wanted to set for themselves by the end of this month and the end of this year. Go take a look, they have lots of inspiring and great things to work towards! 

Inshallah may you reach your goals and find success ladies. If you didn't win, don't fret I will have lots more giveaways later, especially when I open up for sale!

You are AmaZing


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