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Jumuah Mubarak and Gratitude Lists

Asalamu Alaykum folks! Jumuah Mubarak!

 I hope you have a great and wonderful Friday to start zee great and wonderful weekend inshallah. For now LFFM will be posting Gratitude lists every Friday. A gratitude list is a list of all the things one can be grateful for. I wrote my first one for this blog here. It is an amazing tool to realize all the blessings we have and also a mood lifter, I try to do them when I am feeling less awesome haha.

Today I want to introduce you to an amazing woman named Seresity who not only wrote a list but has allowed us to read it. Thank you for for being our first guest submission Seresity!!! 

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Enjoy Folks!

p.s. Giveaway Announcement will be pushed later today inshallah :)

Hello to all readers,

I'm Seresity, tumblr-er of Love to Live, Live to Love blog regarding love, marriage, self and God. I'm an avid reader of this blog because Furiously Fab Mama is exactly *Furiously Fab* Mama ^___^. (Can I hear an amen for that now! *applauding!*)

I thank Furiously Fab Mama for giving me this chance to share my gratitude list. 

I hope this will help you about your 50 things so we can all feel inspired or at least remember to thank some of our under appreciated things in life from it. ^_^

Onto the list of 50 things I'm grateful for:
  1. My God and my faith in God that makes my life beautiful for me
  2. My husband who's my best friend too and who makes me feel blessed to be his wife
  3. My family slowly growing in faith thanks to God
  4. My other best friend slowly growing in faith and maturity thanks to God
  5. This blog which I'm able to read and always feel happy about ^_^
  6. My Love to Live Live to Love tumblr blog which not only helps my readers but also many times helps me to critically think about love and life
  7. My Church with Pastor who is down-to-earth and passionate, and preaches according to Bible
  8. The lady who I have never talked to before in Church, but who when I first attended Church and was caught up in my emotions at the incredible joy I was experience, comforted me and said she will pray for me -- me, a perfect stranger but a fellow Christian
  9. Simplyheavenlyfood tumblr lady who helped me understand some of the difficult verses in Bible and it is always a joy to read her posts to grow in my wisdom
  10. Mark Gungor, Pastor who is amazingly funny but cutthroat truthful in explaining Bible and who has really helped me understand many things regarding marriage and made me a stronger woman that I'm now today.
  11. Ravi Zacharias, a Christian Apologetic whose explanations has tremendously helped me get clarifications on things in Bible and helped me think critically about what I believe
  12. My job now which is a joy to work in everyday -- even with all of its struggles, it's a great feeling to go to work daily and learn new things while doing them
  13. "My Heart is Heaven-bound" song which always brings me joy when hearing it and makes me want to dance in my heart ^__^
  14. My iPod Touch which is a workhorse for me. So grateful I have it to manage my life!
  15. Kent Hovind, a young-earth creationist whose lectures have helped me gain a perspective on how God could have created Earth in 6 days
  16. Answers in Genesis website which helps me understand scientifically many wondrous things created by God and helps me appreciate this complex world that was so carefully and delicately made
  17. My friends who through out the years have helped me grow in maturity directly and indirectly
  18. Clairsonic Mia which has helped my pimple-prone skin be much more blemish-free
  19. Chewing Gum which has helped me really focus on work at hand and manage my stress at work
  20. My degree which has helped me gain unique skills that help me be detail-oriented and thorough in my work
  21. My favorite Professors who have really helped me with my education when I needed them (especially bearing with me whenever I used to barge in unannounced to their offices and they were still caring to me ^__^;;)
  22. Having enough money to pay off my student loan and not worry about it for years
  23. TomTom via 1550TM GPS which truly helps me go wherever I need without being unclear at all
  24. ObjectDock software for my netbook which really helps me get to my icons more easily
  25. My Canon digital camera that takes perfect indoor pics and food pics and helps me keep precious memories
  26. My various blogs which help me think critically about my life whereas otherwise, I would just waste my time browsing internet
  27. Wen which helps me have perfect hair days ^_^
  28. Olive oil which helps me control my long hair in the normal days
  29. Sims game which is fun but also lets me imagine how God could be thinking of me and my actions ^_^:;
  30. Having contacts for eyes than eyeglasses
  31. Alarmed app in my iPod Touch which helps me wake up nicely than the blaring sounds from alarm clocks I used to have
  32. iTunes for letting me hear my favorite Mark Gungor and Ravi Zacharias podcasts
  33. God for making me born at this specific time period to my parents so I'm the way I'm now and can live the way I'm now
  34. Movies like The Vow, Avatar, and 3 Idiots (hindi)
  35. Internet which is able to connect me to all over the world
  36. My Fan which I can't live without even in winter (hehe)
  37. My Heater which helps me not freeze to death from my fan in dead winter
  38. My Sherpa throw which helps me not freeze to death from the fan in winter
  39. Delicious food which make me glad to be born at such a time where I can eat all kinds of food from all over the world
  40. Mirror for making me look good, but also reminding me that I'm no beauty queen and keeping my vanity in control
  41. Google products like Gmail, Blogger, Sites, Gtalk, Youtube, Picasa, and more (but not Google+)
  42. Clients from Hell blog which make me glad I'm not a freelancer
  43. Music especially when it touches my heart
  44. Driving car carefully daily with God's grace
  45. For cloudy days with 65 degree perfect weather
  46. Rayban sunglasses
  47. Stars at night for bringing feeling of awe
  48. For being able to pray and have a close relationship with God
  49. For being blessed in many ways beyond what I had imagined for myself
  50. For finding God

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