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Muslim-preneur Series: Inshallah Clothing Co. !!!

Asalamu Alaykum Folks!

Welcome to the Muslim-preneur Series!

 On this blog, you will be introduced to a diverse array of budding and established Muslim self-starters. They will take us into a journey of all the sacrifice, hard work, and unique life experiences they have had to go through to get to where they are today. Unlike other sites and blogs, we do not just feature brands and products, we go much deeper! We get to know the hard working brothers and sisters behind the brands. After all, without them, there wouldn't be a business!

Get ready to learn more about the entrepreneurial process and get ready to be inspired to achieve your own goals and dreams one day! Whether that be to start your own business, open a charity, or do something that goes against the grain, it doesn't matter, it is all about having the knowledge and determination to achieve your dreams. Don't forget to inspire and support those around you as well!

Right now, lend your support and love to today's featured Muslim-preneur,
brother XL from Inshallah Clothing Co.!!!

LFFM: Asalamu Alaykum brother XL, tell me a little about yourself!

XL: My name is XL Abdulallah. I was a Footwear Designer for the last 12 years but I have shifted primarily to Apparel Design
in the last 19 months to create INSHALLAH CLOTHING Co.

LFFM: Why did you select this type of business?

XL: I created INSHALLAH CLOTHING Co. as a means to create dialog and unity through fashion.

LFFM: How do you differentiate your business?

XL: We differentiate our brand from others, solely by creating a brand that has a purpose and message.

LFFM: Overall how difficult or easy was the process of starting your own business?

XL: It was a little easy because I knew and understood the process beforehand..being that I had my own footwear brand in the past.

LFFM: How long did it take in between thinking of starting a business until your first opening day?

XL: It happened pretty fast.  One day I'm sitting on the subway feeling hurt inside because of seeing one of our
sisters with her head hung low, and the next morning I was designing a t-shirt to change that!  Within a week I had a t-shirt made that said I LOVE NY ( NEW YORK in Arabic ) and was selling them.

LFFM: Did you receive any support or negativity along the way? How did you deal with those encounters?

XL: I've had both. Most are positive and few are negative.  Ironically, the negative ones are coming from Muslims that are mad because they say Allah's(swt) name shouldn't be on clothing because it will dirty and than you have to wash it...etc.  I respond by saying 'Would Allah be upset with the person who lets His name get dirty and remain dirty, OR with the one who cleans it off?'

We are here to clean up the name of Islam and Allah!

LFFM: ALhamdoolilah, well said. Who are your biggest supporters? 

XL: Our biggest supporters are the people who love fashion and see the Vision.

LFFM: Did you use a business plan before launching?


XL: No, I never planned to do this type of business, Allah (swt) had just put it into my heart one day.

LFFM: Mashallah!  Brother, what do you like most about being your own boss?

XL: That I can conduct this business according to how I feel Allah (swt) wants me to, and not how someone else wants me to. 

LFFM: In what way does your practice of Islam play a role?

XL: It plays every role. I started this business as a way to expose people to Islam and make it a little easier for every Muslim to be Muslim.

LFFM: What is your normal day like?

XL: Wake up, pray, check my emails, and hustle, hustle, hustle....Pray, hustle, hustle, hustle....

LFFM: Hahah! Ok, be honest with me, what profit levels can one expect at the beginning?

XL: None!!!  I mean, we make money but it goes right back into the business so that we can continue to grow.

LFFM: Right now, how do you feel about Inshallah Clothing co.?

XL: Alhamdulillah I feel ok about it. It's was only 19 months ago when we were just selling t-shirts to local friends and now we are selling to people in Canada, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, France and soon Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia inshallah.

LFFM: How do your daily business activities relate to your personal life? Is it difficult? How do you balance all that?

XL: It's all one. I dedicate my personal and business life to please Allah (swt)by creating unity through fashion.
One way I do this is when you see me out on my personal time I'm wearing INSHALLAH CLOTHING to bring awareness to our faith and Allah. When I'm working I'm doing the same.

LFFM: Great! What are some of your short term goals for the business?

XL: To get our products into stores in Indonesia, Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia this Spring/Summer.

LFFM: What are some of your long term goals for the business?


XL: To become the biggest global brand and have 10s of millions of people saying inshallah that wouldn't have without us!

LFFM: Wow! I wish you all the best! What advice do you have for our would-be self-starters?

XL: Know as much as you can about that business and find mentors that can help you along the way. Make sure that you are driven by the right things.

LFFM: Any favorite quotes?

XL: “Be strong when taking sides on what you believe in; being neutral never helps the oppressed only the oppressor"

LFFM: Before I let you go brother, enlighten me, what do you think are the Top 4 Characteristics a Muslim-preneur should exhibit?

XL: 1. Patience
        2. Faith
        3. Honesty 
        4. Determination

LFFM: Thank you so much brother for participating! LFFM wishes you major success! Looks like we have great place to buy some gifts for your husbands ladies ;) Go take a look at INSHALLAH CLOTHING Co today!  
Also, don't forget to like them on facebook by typing in INSHALLAH CLOTHING Co.


  1. Wow, cool stuff. I love the New York one. May Allah bless them in their endeavors, inshaAllah.

    1. inshallah. It would be interesting if they opened a line for women. I know Id be excited about wearing a camel!!!

  2. Wauw, amazing interview. Did you e-mail him or what? Awesomee mashaAllah!!!!
    Ps: I have tagged you on my blog.


    1. Thanks!!! I am so happy I had the opportunity. I saw the tag sis, I would love to participate but I already did that exact tag weeks ago. Inshallah if its a new tag id wouldn't mind doing it :)

  3. Wow Mash'Allah this is really good and inspiring, Insh'Allah they will go very far


    1. Inshallah sis, thank you for reading :)

  4. very cool to hear about new Muslim companies! i think i have seen a brother around wearing a shirt from this company :) btw.. you live in Philly? I went to a halal place in philly called Saad's and it was amazingg! have you been there?

    1. I know right! Inshallah I will be featuring more in due time. Ive seen some out there as well, its so cool that their brand is memorable. I never been to Saads but I think I will check it out soon, I moving to NY soon though :)

  5. Salaam Sister,

    I really enjoyed reading this. I already have a few friends that would love these designs. Thank you for posting this!


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