Monday, March 5, 2012

Her Hijab Tag...

  Tag from Mama Mona! 
1) What was the first hijab you ever bought?

A black triangle with thick laced edging from an online store!

2) What was the first hijab style you wore?
I wore it pinned behind my neck with both ends hanging over the front. It allowed me to wear my earrings!

3) What is your favorite color hijab, or what color hijab do you have most of in your closet?
I love neutral colors and lots of pinks. I just realized that almost half my collection is some form of fuchsia or pink, and yet I keep buying more! 
4) Who is your favourite Hijab guru? Why?
Never had one, I was usually the one sitting in front of the mirror for hours and trying styles out. 

5) Who was the first person you watched on YouTube who did hijab tutorials?

Amenakin was the first chica I  saw doing tutorials.

6) What is the beauty in hijab? 

I have heard some people say hijab doesn't look right sometimes and isn't pretty (but their hair is) but I think hijab when done right and personalized to the woman can bring out aspects of her beauty no other garment can. It brings out the details of her face and lets you focus on her eyes. Even the most simple dress and plain hijab can make sisters look so pretty because they have been blessed with nur.

7) What does hijab mean to you?
 Hijab to me is just another form of my dress as a Muslim woman. It doesn't have much meaning however, the inward sincere intention of trying to please Allah swt does! Hijab is just one personal choice to try to please Allah inshallah He will accept it.

8) What is your go to everyday hijab style?
Big Maxi scarf awesomeness!

9) What are your favorite hijab accessories?

Big ol' brooches!
10) What is your favorite place to buy hijabs?

Retail shops where I can touch and feel the scarves. I find that I like using those avenues better than hijab online stores because their scarves are some times made way too small.


  1. Awesome, thanks for the linky love. I too love to browse hijab shops and feel the fabric, see how wide it is, even sometimes try it around my face to see how it looks.

  2. :) no prob, it was fun, I love your blog anyways :). I do that too, especially in department stores and OH you should see the looks from people when they fold it around their neck and I am swinging it on my head :)


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