Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GAWgeous Sctuff: Brooch bling Eye-candy

Asalamu Alaykum Folks! 

I have been missing these past few days, but honestly if feels like forever. I miss perusing and reading your blogs and now I feel like I am completely behind. Please forgive me as my level of activity has completely overflowed. Here is what has happened in the past few days:

1. My Besty and I have received offers for possible investment in the company (which pressures me more to finish the business plan sooner than I had expected)
2. We have improved our organization for the business considerably
3. We realized we have a lot of stuff  (made and in progress) and will be working on creating even more
4. We were blessed (Alhamdoolilah) with sister UmmHashim, who not only came and helped with some of the work pertaining to research and inventory, but did it incredibly well mashallah. She also has her own blog where she talks about beauty and frugality. Check her out here! Jazakallah Khayr Sis
5. Sou sou learned how to say eyebrow and Ameen
6. Sou sou learned how to do the hand signs for supplicating dua. Mashallah!
7. I realized I got really chunky in the past few days and will resume working out very VERy soon haha.

Sooooo here is some delicious eye candy for your ladies out there.
I am serious magpie, Sou sou has become one also, squealing every time she sees something pretty and signing "gameela" all over the place. She puts headbands on and carries every bag she can around in the house. She doesn't hold the handles, she leaves the handles hanging on her arms like the new styles out there.

Whenever we open the closet door, she runs in, steals one of our shoes, and parades around. My poor baby, she is not even two and she is more of a Prima dona then her mother. Believe it or not, I never even taught her any of this (at least not on purpose).

So my best gal got a gift for me. She bought me the most delicious gynormous brooch I have ever seen dripping in fakey but oh so shiny jewels. Of course it is one of my favorite animals. I can't wait to have a reason to wear this!

 And I also couldn't help myself in purchasing a $7.00 vintage brooch. This is only purchase I have made personally throughout the whole month as a result of spend fasting (which I will be extending until next month as well!) Of course it represents my love for ethnic symbols and anything reminiscent of foreign glamor and culture. I love researching these esthetics and using them for inspiration for my business.  

It is the iconic Arabian sword shape. It reminds me of yemeni swords used for wedding ceremonies. It is also very decorated and feminine! 

I think I might post some outfits utilizing the brooches later this week. Expect to see some more business updates, hijab pictures, videos of sou sou, product reviews and tons more soon to be coming!!!


  1. Congrats on the cool new broaches. Don't apologize for being away a bit. We all have lives that sometimes don't leave time for blogging and understand.

  2. eeeek! that was for sou sou.


    1. ahhh, i know, i don't know how to teach her to "unlearn" those habits :(

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you sis, I got it off of etsy in the vintage section. Just do a search over there and I m sure they may have more. Alhamdoolilah it was really affordable as well :)

  4. Those are beauties! mashAllah, both equally good in thier own way.

  5. Cant WAITTTTT to see what you guys have up your sleeve!!:)

  6. I love the sword brooch and I enjoy reading your blog.


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