Friday, January 20, 2012

GAWgeous Schtuff: Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me Damnet! 

  Well it happened months ago but on that day I took it upon myself to forcefully splurge on a gift. I wanted to get something I truly wanted but would otherwise chicken out over price. And this is what spoke to me....................

This GAWgeous piece is acutally a vintage artisan signed brooch. I bought it off of Etsy, which tends to have a continuous awesome selection of affordable vintage jewelry. PS: I love Etsy and will praise in another post. It is quite heavy and it feels very well made. I always recommend buying vintage because the price vs.quality ratio beats anything we have today. Vintage jewelry are usually higher quality making it longer lasting. 

How many times do you find that jewelry nowadays wears out as quickly as old food??
Not for me. Not when I turn 25. 



to me.


  1. very pretty mashallah! I never asked why you started a new blog?

    1. @sorraya-thank you so much! I had some very difficult life changes. Whenever I something major happens in my life I tend to reorganize the things around me to start afresh. As a result, I deleted a lot of my blogs but decided I wanted to keep my old one with new content change. I hope that makes sense ;)

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  3. i just started following your blog and i wanted to let you know, i love the title! wish i had thought of it lol..can't wait to see more posts about broaches, im starting a collection myself :)

  4. Aww thank you! I always was worried ppl may find the title cheesy so that's great that you like it ;). I just starting your blog myself!


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