Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ebay Buying adventures and Why I love it!

I absolutely love Ebay! Although I have only been using it for a few years it is my first "go-to" whenever I have a need, be it clothes, jewelry, gifts or supplies. It is usually when I can not find something on Ebay for a good deal, that I try another source. The other day, I nearly scoffed when I discovered one of my friends has still has yet to jump on the Ebay bandwagon! But if you are like her, you should know Ebay has so much to offer.

The Security

Ebay has always been pretty safe to shop on, now its has greater security than ever. Sellers are heavily pressured to attain high ratings. Just a few negative feedback can ruin a seller's account making it very difficult to have an successful store. If you ever have a problem with a purchase you can contact Ebay and open a case within minutes. Your case is time sensitive and if the issue isn't resolved by the seller, your money will be refunded by Ebay. Ebay publishes plenty of material pertaining to their payment system and how to go about purchasing from someone. The security features in my opinion are just as tight  if not better than other online venues.

The Value

You can buy almost anything on Ebay! The best part is that you can reach sellers from all over the world who are able to provide lower prices for the same product (but sometimes with longer shipping wait times). You can also specify your searches for used items which tend to be more affordable, or items with free shipping. Items can be purchased either via a "buy it now" feature or by winning an auction. Be careful though, bidding in the auctions can get very addictive! Sometimes getting caught up in the competition will make you overspend on an item you otherwise would have turned down.

Yes, its happened to me teehee!

I have bought tons of things for a little over a $1! The sellers on Ebay have different motivations, some are trying to make a living and focusing on profits, while others just want to get rid of unwanted purchases. This means that with a little more time, and a careful eye, you can find some deals hard to find anywhere else.

The Potential

Could it be more emphasized how you can buy almost anything on Ebay??? That is one kind of potential, the other is the potential to make money! Making money on Ebay is not difficult at all. Yes, the site tacks on a ton of fees which cut into your profits, but depending on what you sell, how you control your costs, and how much profit you are trying to retain really depends on you. The great factor of potential is your account score. You have to create an Ebay account in order to buy anything. Every time you buy something, you are likely to receive a positive score back from the seller. The more your buy, the higher your score. The higher your score, the better you look as a potential seller. I am still a newbie, so my score is almost a 100. I definitely feel more confident whenever I purchase something from someone with consistent positive feedback.

I have learned from over the years that there are some things to be weary of. Here are my recommendations:

Always read the fine print
Before you buy anything, read the seller's item description, shipping, and return policy. It lets you know what to expect and what to do if there are any problems.

Inquire mor
I think one of the most difficult things to buy off of Ebay are clothes. Often times you should ask for more information, like measurements, detailed item descriptions, and better pictures. You should try to be as informed as much as possible before making a purchase. On one occasion, I saw a beautiful long cardigan that looked like it just might fit, but it ended up being a junior's size rather than a misses!  

Keep track of your purchase
Make sure you keep track of the things you buy. Whenever you click on your past purchases you can see whether your seller has shipped  your item already and whether they include a tracking number. Pay attention to where your item is and when to expect delivery.

Some of the things I shop for on Ebay:
  • Scarves
  • Jewelry
  • Used baby clothes
  • Craft Supplies
  • Books
  • Purses
Have any of you used Ebay? What are some of the things you buy?


  1. I was a hugeee ebay user but lately I sooo cant e bothered waiting for auctions and love the feel of buying straight away so use online stores instead ;/

    1. I completely understand! I used to lose so much at auctions that I became frustrated and started doing buy it now. But now I decide based on the item itself and how cheap it is :)


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