Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Style: Snowday, Kinda...

 So I found out around 12pm that it had snowed here in Philadelphia. 

You can tell I don't get out much...

So, with a click of my heels and a flick of my wrist I was off to getting sou sou and I dressed for romping around.....

My outfit pictures will get better!!!

in 2cm snow.

Mon Sou sou

Please, someone tell me you had more than this!


  1. My sister is in nyc and she said it snowed there .. but here in ATL, that rare round these love the coat!!!

  2. I used to live in NY, I have some friends up there and they said it snowed too. You must be living it up in all that hot (non-snowy) weather :) I got the coat from asos, I plan on wearing it for the next 10 years since it is so awesome.!

  3. that is nothing it snowed like crazy here in norway. If we got that we would've been happy cause that's nothing! :p love the outfit btw!

    1. Thank you so much sweets! I think I am one of the only people who likes lots of snow when yet it causes trouble for so many people ;)

  4. love the second piccc!!! and your coat is cute~~!!

    1. My baby always outdoes me in every way! I was actually shouting at her from across the parking lot not to pic up the dirty snow at that time lol!


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