Monday, January 16, 2012

How to: Closet Decluttering!
Take a look at your closet, what do you normally see? Is it superbly organized and perhaps color coded? Or does it look like WW3 took place there last night? How easy is it for you to get dressed in the morning? I would say my method was usually very holistic. First I would run around amassing piles of clothes while sighing after several failed attempts to match an outfit with my mood.

Not my closet

I wish it was more like "Cinderella" where birds and rats fly my ensemble through the window with appropriate music in the background.

 Needless to say I never had a good relationship with my wardrobe. For most of my young life my clothes were handed to me. I never was allowed the opportunity to choose my own cuts, or colors and was expected to dress the way someone thought I should. Whenever I got any bits of cash I would binge shop for cheap stuff that looked pretty to later regret my purchases. As I entered uni, I was of course poor and too busy like most private university students. If I wasn't playing rugby, I was at the gym, or checking into the library. It wasn't until after I got married and moved to NY where I started rethinking my image. Especially since I have birthed, I have committed to dressing the way I have always wanted. 

As a result of adopting some very intelligent frugal habits and obviously staying positive about my own self-image my wardrobe is getting better and better!

If you ever feel like your unsatisfied with your wardrobe, or guilty from wasting money on things you realized later aren't all that great for you, I suggest some major closet decluttering.

Furiously Fab CLoset DeCluttering!
  •  First get some delicious food to fuel your journey. Maybe even crank up some crazy Indian club music or debka. (just an offhand suggestion)
  • Then go into your messy/horrible/confused/wayward closet and take everything out in one big heap so all you have is an empty space....yes take everything out!
  • At this point I get up and say to myself now is a time for change. A time to start all over again, to make better choices. From now on every decision you make when it comes to your wardrobe should be dedicated to the image you wish to portray, to the way you want to feel. You can commit to:
Quality-it lasts throughout the years
Fit-it doesn't just look good on the rack, it looks fabulous on you!
Emotion-When you wear it, you feel awesome!
Presentation-it achieves whatever you are striving for like elegance, trend-setting, uniqueness, youthful, fun...etc.
Purpose-kinda vague but perhaps it has to do with supporting a brand, an eco-friendly cause, or even frugality.

Now that you have taken your own commitments seriously, its time for the hard work.

THe Awesome pile-Take out all the clothes at one time that accomplishes all your needs and wants. These are pieces that you would miss dearly if they get ruined or go missing.

The "no ways!"-They take up space. YOu haven't even worn them in the past month! They sit there staring at you making you feel guilty for having bought them. Some of them may be great pieces but they are just not "you." These are pretty much all impulse buys that failed miserably. Put them in a pile that is dedicated for family, friends, or charity. See all that you have amassed and realize that this can be prevented!

The maybe pile-Lie somewhere in between these categories. You wear them sometimes. Some of them aren't flattering on you. You have a hard time letting go of some because of the emotion you attach to them. These are all the clothes that you hope achieve what you want, but really don't. Sift through and carefully determine if they are worth keeping. Will you wear them? Will they compliment your awesome pile? Do these achieve anything meaningful for you? Be ready to be honest with yourself and toss them if necessary.

Note: there are special pieces that may fall into formal or out of season wear. If they are worth keeping, store them appropriately.
After all this hard work arrange your closet back again. You may probably notice a much smaller wardrobe but with a higher percentage of satisfying pieces.  Now, every time you feel like buying something, think about its versatility in your current wardrobe. Think about the standards you are setting for your new style. If they don't fit, resist and move on. There will always be something better around the corner!

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