Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to: make Awesome to-do lists!

Today I have a How-to for all of you! It is so simple yet so amazingly effective!I love love LOve discovering better ways of improving myself and my daily routine and today I did just that. 

Many of us write out to do lists whenever we foresee a ton of chores or errands to complete. If you are like me, you may find yourself overwhelmed with so many tasks that you end up not completing your lists or even going back to realize how much/ or little progress you are making.

Today, I tried something different that was surprisingly motivating and helped me accomplish more work then I have done in a long time. Its called a 0 TO 5 LIST!

  • First make a motivating title for your list. You can write something inspiring like "I will succeed" or "Things I will accomplish today."
  • Second, without stopping start writing everything you want and need to get done for that period or day.  
  • Third, go back and read everything you wrote and assign it a number based on the priority it needs to be completed. 

Por Ejemplo/Masalan/For example:
0=Something you would like to get done, but can be attended to another day
5=This absolutely needs to be done! I will feel like an awful person if I fail getting this done! 

Now all you have to do is follow the list, completing all the 5's first, then the 4's and so forth. You can measure your progress through how you can reduce your numbers and if you do not manage to get to your 1's or 0's, don't sweat it! 

This is a great way to make yourself feel even more awesome when you are working your butt off!

Would any of you use this list? Do you do something similar or completely different? What works for you guys?


  1. I'm sorry my comment has nothing to do with your post...

    But OMG i feel so nostalgic looking at your handwriting!!! I miss you :|

  2. I usually do this, but instead of numbers I put an asterix next to the most important ones.
    This made me do a to-do list for tomorrow Inshallah - I tried it your way :)

    Tahira x

  3. I'm huge on To Do lists...especially when I have guests coming over and I need to map everything out. I really like your idea a lot. On my blackberry you can color code it by importance in one of the aps. Unfortunately, I am more of a paper & pen kinda person when it comes to that. Will try to do it your way and let you know how it worked out.

  4. @Rishi-ahhHHHH! I miss you too! I can't believe you remembered my handwriting! I love you, you are so funny ;)

    @Tahira-THanks for reading girl! I hope it proves helpful for you!

    @sippingchai-Thanks for visiting my blog! Tell me how it worked out as well. I usually am jealous of folks with fancy phones, because mine can't do anything but I def. prefer pen and paper to phones and computers like you ;)

  5. that's a really nice tip! I can see me doing that and sticking to it too. Too often I make lists but end up stopping after awhile.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. @Sere-I do the whole making lists and forgetting them, so this really motivated me. Thanks for stopping by :)


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