Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life Updates and Biz Updates

Salam and peace and lots of love folks! 

To the regulars and the newbies, I have neglected you indeed! 

Life Updates:

  • I am coming to terms with "letting" go of certain people. I beginning to accept that actions speak louder than words. I am working on building inner peace with outside disappointments. 
  • Sultana is in awesome health and having a bag full on tantrums on a daily basis.... I have contemplated putting her up for auction on Instagram. Any buyers?
  • I have not had that "break" I was hoping for so many posts ago. I am literally being a full time single mom with 2 breaks a month at the same time while going after my dreams. 
  • I will be attending a IslamicGems Trunk show in Jamaica, Friday night inshallah! 
Business Updates:
  • Things are coming along slowly
  • The counter on our website had to be readjusted since it was incorrect to begin with! whoopsies! 
  • I am amassing a lovely collection of product reviews to be delivered to some great fashion bloggers next month.
  • There will be a giveaway coming in the next 2 months inshallah
  • My sister and I have now secured an INVESTOR !!!!!!!
  • We are thinking of starting a blog for the Sultaness.....
  • Alhamdoolilah :) 

Can you spot something wrong with this photo? (answer below)

Her shoes on the wrong feet!!!.....Guess WHO didn't realize this till after the picture was taken??! 


  1. Allah will help you, insha'Allah no worries:)
    Oh stop, lol, your daughter is priceless...

    1. LOL Im always trying to sell her hahah. THank you my love :)

  2. Salam sis,
    Glad to see an update...I don't do FB really but I do have an account with all of 8 friends:) I just don't like FB. A Sultaness blog would be great- I'm sure there are other way I could connect or even help promote.Email updates would be great for the few of us who don't FB(?)

    Sultana is huge mashaAllah-beauty....

    1. Wa alaykum salam sis!
      Yeah there are a lot of people staying away from facebook (and one can't blame them). I think email updates are good [we have a newsletter sign up on the website]Now all I have to do is find content to write about hahah!

      Thank you so much. I see yours is practically a grown man now! Im so glad we are keeping in touch :)



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