Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Business Planning Chapter 8: the Sultaness Spring 2013 Photos!

Salam folks! 

Ok I got a stomach flu not too long ago which wasn't much fun. I  slinked around the house like a witch afraid of the sunlight. It definitely threw me off. You can bet that whenever I am not updating this blog I am either extremely busy, or extremely slow and probably sick.

Alhamdoolilah for everything. Don't you think sunlight makes a difference?

Last year, I lived in a basement for many months and barely had sunlight so whenever I get the sun peeking through in my room I just feel so much happier. I sit in front of my window to work because of how much I love it. 

Can I also brag about how I can smell the sea?

Oh lets throw something else in there....late at night if I listen, I can hear it! 

Alright, enough bragging! 

Basically I am doing a thousand things at once:

1. Working with a sewing contractor for the pin cushions
2. Going back and forth with our amazing photographer and web designer from Mirror51 who is in the process of starting our website.
3. Recruiting possible future empoloyees
4. Applying for our wholesale certification in NY
5. Reading, researching, and writing.

If you are ever bored and you want to be stupid busy, start a business of some sorts.

I swear, its just the beginning but this is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. It is so exciting :)

Here are the lovely finished photos from our photoshoot.

Please note: You can take these and re-post anywhere you like!!!!

Company info:

The Sultaness, meaning "Empress" in Arabic will make its debut at Inglot makeup studios June 29th in NYC!

We feature handcrafted luxury jewelry and accessories inspired by Persian, Indian, Turkish, and Middle Eastern art and architecture. Each of our pieces are handmade and undergo a vigorous design and quality control process making beloved pieces by all those who own them.

We use lots of spring inspired colors, gold, crystals, animal motifs, ornate styling, floral and geometric patterns. Our pieces are for the fearless woman who is proud to celebrate her identity.

For more information, sign up for our newsletter at

What do u guys think!!!\?


  1. Selâmun aleykum.
    Müslüman kadınların makyaj yapıp kendini sergilemelerine katılmıyorum.

    Make up for Muslim women to exhibit themselves disagree.

  2. That`s true sis, sunlight is very important.
    Hope you feel better now.
    Very very cute hijab pins.

    XO Arezu

    1. THanks my love! Appreciate it! Alhamdoolilah I think my flu ended about 2 days ago :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! It's a lot of work I'm sure but also so exciting!

    1. Glad you like the photos Mona! As long as I recuperate every few days I think I can try to manage it all. We were definitely blessed to have such a talented photographer working with us :)

  4. Stunning! Wow you have been busy! I have been out of the blogging loop for a while and everything seemed to have changed! Great stuff! Xxxx hijabrevival

    1. yay! THank you for taking the time to visit and check out the pics! Inshallah cant wait to work with you :)

  5. love love love it all...I'm sold :)

    1. I love love you woman! Im so glad it impresses you! girl scream*

  6. Wow awesome pieces lovely! YOUR PHOTOS ARE AMAZING! Love the styling and the professionalism, inshallah mine look this good!


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