Friday, April 5, 2013

Gratitude List: Happy Friday April 5th 2013!

Hello Folks!

Salamz, peace, blessings, love and forgiveness and all the awesomeness to you! 

Was a bit stressed last night but after talking with my friend J I feel like a boulder lifted off me.

I am rising again and I can breath...


I was not planning on doing a Gratitude List today originally but I feel the least I can do for feeling so happy is show some thankfulness in general.

Today's main topic is food.

Here are my most favorite things to eat and the things I am most particularly thankful for:

1. Vinegar-what? You DONT have vinegar cravings?!
2. Greek Yogurt-Fage
3. Goat Cheese
4. Red Quinoa
5. Kale
6. Any kind of rice
7. Limes
8. Strawberries
9. Strawberry Cream Cheese
10.Cream of wheat 
11. Sultana's cheeks and butt

What about you? Do you love any of these foods, or am I a wierdo?


  1. Food is a blessing right? Brings such joy and yes I know that vinegar craving but sadly if I have it it thins my lips and curses spots. Love it on my salad occasionally. Lol at loving sultanas chunky butt and cheeks!

  2. Hahhaha Sanaa! I can send you a sample (hers) in due time! :)

  3. Yay Im back to blogging, Ive missed reading your sweet posts sis! I see you have started your biz? Where can I see your items?


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