Listen you! 

These aren't just random links...these are places I have shopped and really enjoyed the service and products. So, if you have any questions regarding my shopping experiences with any of the companies listed below, please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Clothing and Hijabs

Beautiful colors and great prices for the quality. All her pieces are manufactured in the United States which means you don't have to worry about unfair or cruel labor practices. Zeba is just awesome! 

I first became drawn to them after a posting in Sweet Modesty's Facebook page. I was so reluctant to order at first because I had to do it in on Facebook and then through email. Princess Arabia Fashion is located in Singapore. After some back and forth with the store owner I finally ordered some dresses. When they finally came in they were absolutely beautiful and much better quality then I anticipated for the price. I would definitely order from her again! 

You are AmaZing


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