Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Business Planning Chapter 4: Moving in every way..

Hello folks? Long time no post huh? A thousand and one things have occurred in my life to this date. 

Things that have added stress and frustration. 

Things to celebrate. 

Things that keep a smile on my face and things to take into consideration and focus on in the coming months. 

One of those being that I will be moving inshallah. Roomy was offered a job up North and I too am applying in the same area. Our current deadline is to move by the end of this month. This move has no doubt forced me to reconsider opening day in May and I may very well push it back. So far I have installed 3 chapters on my business planning series. Welcome to 4th! 
Here are the changes I have experienced in the business so far:

·         All the packaging and business cards/product tags are purchased
·         We have received interest from 2 investors so far
·         An investment meeting date will be planned as soon as I give it a go
·         I have come closer to defining my business and what future I would like to achieve with it
·         We have expanded to over 10 product categories
·         We have spoken with and are negotiating with a well known photographer and videographer for opening
·         I made a ton more new stuff which I have absolutely love
·         I am fully committed to selling at the ISNA convention this year in DC from late August to early September!
·         We now have a Facebook page, blog and etsy store set aside for the business but still need some love an tender care.
·         We have gotten a lot of support and enthusiasm alhamdoolilah
·         Now that we are attracting attention something tells me I need to find ways to outsource some of the work , which will be easier once I move inshallah
·         So what started off as an exciting hobby has evolved into a life journey. Nothing excites me more than being an entrepreneur for this type of business in this way. I started alone, and I now have a partner in crime, and some really great support all around.

I hope all of you are in the best of health and imaan. Looks like the move is taking a priority for now but I will try to get some great reviews and of course sou sou stuff up soon. Have an awesome day!


  1. yay :D I'm glad things are looking up for you! Inshallah you never fall short of help when you need it. Ameen!

  2. It's great to know that things are going well for you! I feel inspired every time I read your series.. keep posting!!

  3. I am very excited that things are looking up for you, alhamdulillah.

  4. I think I am more exciting then you are. ;) can't wait for the opening!! insha'allah It will be a great success. :)

  5. Good luck :)
    It must be awesome project

  6. omg i was wondering where you were and saw that you had moved blogs phewwww I found u yay!:)

  7. Good way of posting dear. it's really nice post. Thanks for sharing it dear.
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