Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Habits to Live by: Utilizing the Law of Attraction (Part 2)

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In the last post I ranted and complained about single-servitude motherhood. I also talked about how I wanted that to change.

So back to the letter I wrote myself last year to myself 5 years in the future....

Did you catch that?


Although the letter is lost, I read it a few times and it made me turn into a smurf on a good day! Every time I read it I was hopping  around collecting smurf-berries through life without a care because I saw my joy coming to me in my future. It made me more happy, more protective of my dream, and more energetic to do what needed to be done.

Sometimes my friends and strangers who found out about my dream did not align themselves with me. However, I realized it is more important to surround oneself with good people then to get caught up in the negative Nancys around us. Read my post on proving people wrong.

Update: I found the letter today in an email!!! WooohooO! 

That was over a year ago. Today I am even further along and attracting more success. Check out my business Facebook Page here! Was it because of that letter? 


I do feel strongly in my heart, that the letter played a big part in where I am today alhamdoolilah.

If you ever watch a documentary called The Secret (yes its cheesy) you begin to question how powerful a positive and hopeful state of mind can be. 

The argument for the documentary explains that the Law of Attraction is very real. It is a tool almost anyone can use and it has the power to transform you life. You can attract the life you want with your thoughts and your imagination.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right" - Henry Ford.

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions" - Albert Einstein.

"Whatever the mind ... can conceive it can achieve" - W Clement Stone.

Subhanallah I think there is a lot of Islamic sense to this too. I plan on exploring the Law of Attraction through the scope of Islam one day in a post inshallah.

Here is a list of what I envision my days to be like until I start my business inshallah. I will speak in a positive present tense tone as it is the most provocative and motivating tone to use when you want to enact change with your thoughts. Affirmations are also written this way.

Visualizing Perfection: My Perfect Day!

1. Begin the day with His Name- I wake up early, energetic and happy. The first word that leaves my mouth is Alhamdooilah because everyday I want to begin my day with His name and show gratitude for awakening me for another chance at this short life.

2. Sweat Every Day-It doesn't matter how or where, but I will sweat every day through vigorous exercise unless I am relaxing my body. There is no need for a cup of coffee! Exercise begets energy and an appetite for healthy food. I will be getting healthy and strong for the task at hand. 

3. Salah is my Refuge-No matter what stress or unease enters my mind, it will disappear as soon as I pray to the Almighty. In times of happiness I will thank him, and in times of uncertainty or exhaustion I will plead for his guidance. My prayer keeps me focused and grateful.

4. I Stay on the Task at Hand-My days are planned either that morning or the day before. Every day, I accomplish the major steps I need to take to reach my goal of having a successful business.

5. I am always Improving-Whether in my knowledge of my craft, or the speed of my skills I will always be improving. The more hours spent on something the closer I will be to mastering it. 

6. I nurture my Islam- Islam enriches my life. Whether it be reciting Qur'an, reading an article, or some other spiritual or religious source of knowledge I do it every single day.

7. I Remember Death- Death is coming to us all. I cannot escape it. How sad it would be to have regrets!! Every day I seek to minimize my regrets by living the day the best way that I can.

8. My daughter is a Gift and a Trust- Out of all the souls Allah could have breathed in my child, he breathed hers. Her personality, her attitude, her joy, and her love. He made us for each other and entrusted me to lead her in this life towards Him. When she needs me I will be there. I welcome her distractions and enjoy those moments before it is snatched away from me forever. 

9. I Observe and Reflect-I will write down (or take a mental note) at the end of the day how I performed. I will use this to motivate me to do the same or even better the next!


  1. Çok tatlı pisi bu. :)) Türkiye'den selamlar :)

  2. this is great, thank you for sharing :) motivates me to make my own list :)


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