Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DONT DO THIS! (funny story)

Peace and Blessings my dear readers! 

Here is a story I have for you (yes it is true).

On Monday I was sitting in the living room with sis (aka roomy/business partner/best friend) and I HEARD HER SAY:

"My birthday is on Wednesday."

I immediately started to think.....OMG I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW!

I asked her what is she she wanted to do on her birthday and  if she had any ideas. As soon as I had a moment to myself I started going over some kind of plan. I told my other friend J about her impending special day and she suggested we bake a cake. So Tuesday night we went to grocery store and made sure to include some frosting and cake mixes. When we got into the house I immediately hid the bag of cake mix inside the closet because I know for sure she does not check in there. 

Sis comes out from the living room to help with the groceries. J and I then yelled at her not to unpack the groceries and to "take it easy." 

1. She deserved to.
2. We didn't want her to notice the birthday food!

Today I went to the sewing contractor and dropped some materials off to have my first product sample made. (I have to observe the sample this Saturday and start our contract)

I also decided to go to whole foods and purchase her favorite caramel salty crunch organic ice cream and organic peaches which she practically inhales whenever she gets them. We have't been to whole foods in a while and both J and I overheard her mention how she missed those foods. 

So the plan for tomorrow when she goes to work is to go down the street, buy a TON Of balloons, some pretty emotional birthday cards, some baking pans and other what-nots to surprise her when she comes home from work...

That was the plan.

Not even a few minutes ago I checked her Facebook and noticed her birthday isn't until JULY 10th!!!!!

I looked up at my sis (wearing a gas mask, because we are both working with some serious liquids) and said....

Me:"SIS??? Your birthday is Wednesday right!?"

Sis: "Its on July 10th!"

Me: "But you said it was this Wednesday!"

Sis: "I did? I must of said its ON A WEDNESDAY!"

Me: Gets up. Tears off gas mask and leaves room and squeals! OMG! I pull out the ice cream, organic peaches, cake mixes and reveal to her J and my master plan to surprise her with a house full of balloons, kisses and presents....

Sis then proceeds to laugh her butt off hysterically.

Dear readers, DON'T DO THIS! 


  1. Haha, I read this while I was grocery shopping and made a fool of myself because of laughing so loud with my phone in my hand. :)
    This could totally happen to me too.

    1. Hahhahahahh! Thats so funny. I won't tell anyone ;)


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