Friday, December 21, 2012

Gratitude List: Happy Friday December 21st 2013

Have a wonderful day today folks! Here are the 5 things I am grateful for lately! Don't forget to share yours as well inshallah :)

Please email me so I can submit your list on this blog inshallah! 

Alhamdoolilah for....

1. My comforter.

Don't laugh! I am very VERY thankful for my comforter. I swear, it feels like a thousand chunky bunnies have been stuffed inside this fabric and I get free warm hugs all night. It was worth every penny. Sis bought one for herself first. I used to try to sleep on her bed just so I can rub it! Now I have one of my own and my sleep is quite frankly....awesome! 

2. Being artistic

I have been drawing since the age of 2. Although I  have won awards, it was never nurtured but I always stood out with my artistic talents. I put them away for more practical things in university but my talents have never left me. I used to wonder, what was the point of being able to see the things the way I see them, of being able to draw, paint, and sculpt?  I inherited it from my father, but without even knowing, I refined my talent for 24 years. Today my talent is translated into jewelry and accessory design. I would have never made it this far, had not Allah instilled that love for doodling when I had no idea of its benefits. 

3. 6:30 pm and beyond

On good days, sis gets home around 6:30. I never quite realized it. But I love it when she gets home. She usually has some crazy story to tell or she lets out a squeal and tells me what new device she discovered or supply she ordered for the business. Sou sou usually runs towards her and demands she sits down and read to her. Our house is filled with so much noise and activity alhamdoolilah. 

4. Delaware

Every one talks crap about Delaware, the second smallest state. The people who talk the most crap are those that live there. As I have gotten older, I have learned how much I really appreciate Delaware and being born and raised there. Why?

- I never feel awkward wearing a hijab. Not because there are so, many Muslims, but because people are easy going and not buttfaces

-Most people are courteous and sweet. Whenever sis and I get to D-where from NY, we have to go through a little adjusting. We have to slow down, return greetings, and realize not to keep our guard so high up. Its nice to have the door held open for you. Nice to actually make eye contact and talk to someone in friendly conversation.
-The traffic. Drive in New York, nuff said.

-No taxes. Cheapy weepy groceries, clothing, and everything else. You pay tons of tolls when you travel through my state so I can have a much more affordable life!
5. Living in Egypt. 

I lived in Cairo, Egypt from 2007-2008. I went there for study abroad and studied, 3miyya (colloquial Arabic), development, marketing, and Islamic history. I was isolated for many months which forced me to learn Arabic on an accelerated level. Now I can converse in it as my second language. I also met some of the most beautiful, kind, and amazing individuals overseas whom I love dearly and hope to reunite with one day. Egypt could easily be a place I could see myself living out my life one day. I am grateful to have that experience alhamdoolilah. 


  1. As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu
    Delaware represent !!! Lol

    1. woohoO! D-where! Thanks for visiting sis, im following now. :)

  2. Ya Allah... you never fail to make me laugh. I have, however, failed to come up with my list of 5 oh-so-happy moments/things/people.... but I'm certain meeting you would've been in there <3


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