Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For all the Mothers out there....

There can be so much more added to this list right ladies? Don't forget the single mommies like muah out there:

*We miss out on opportunities to attend Islamic events that prohibit children
*We miss out on social activities because we have to stay home and "mother" our children
*Every decision we make has to include the interests of our child and the survival of the family as the primary income earner
*We sometimes miss our prayers by getting distracted and working around a young child's schedule
*We have to put some of our dreams or desires on hold 
*By the time the day is through, we have either skipped some meals, put off using the bathroom when we needed to, or completely forgotten to finish what we needed to do
*By the time we get a day to ourselves, we are so tired from being on a full time no break schedule that all we want to do is sleep and relax.
*We wake up wondering what happened to the plans we had for our own lives, when our entire being is sacrificed for the needs of another.
*Motherhood for single mommies is perpetual exhaustion...after a while we need a kind word to feel like this is gonna get better one day....

Appreciate your mothers. Appreciate the mothers around you. Give them a kind word. Say a prayer for them. Trust me, it will make their day!


  1. Wonderful Post sister.
    Subhanallah I was like 'yes!' to everything you wrote because subhanllah it is so true. Dreams being put on hold even if our children are the best thing that ever happened to us. We put our lives on hold to love, nurture and raise another and yes sometimes we just want to be ourselves and do our own thing for a few minutes a day but they are worth it aren't they?
    I hope even though we are busy bee mommies we still attain our own dreams and and to be honest being a mom was always a dream of mine so hamdulillah our dreams do come true.
    Peace girl!

    1. Sister, I am so happy that your children were your dream and it was fulfilled. That is beautiful. May Allah swt bless your family. I am so glad you like it!

  2. Allahu Akbar! Isn't it so wonderful to be Muslim? I mean, our lives are crazy right? I made salat with my girls yeaterday in the midst of a CRAZY day, and it was like okay, take a deep breath, count your blessings and trudge on! I can relate to the single mother stuff very musch because my husband is gone most of the time. It is really hard knowing that everything begins and ends with YOU. Thank you for the post and thank you for the support. I support you and all my sisters out there, I'm praying for us! May Allah give us ease in our times of hardship and allow us to see the little and big blessings in our everyday lives Ameen :)

    1. Ameen sis! Thank you for reading. Keep pushing, you and your family are in my duas! Not many ppl understand what us mommies go through :)


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