Sunday, December 16, 2012

Business Planning Chapter 6: Quick overview of my business journey so far

Salam wa alaykum folks! 

This is the sixth chapter of my business planning series. If you have not been keeping up with them, or are new to this blog, let me try to break it down for you!

Last year was one of the most difficult years of my life. My life dramatically changed and I became, almost immediately overnight, a struggling single mother. I moved in with my best friend. After a few months of self introspection, praying, and soul searching I found the best way to deal with my pain was to stay busy. 

In December, I started discovering new desires and ideas. They piled on one another and I started using my hands. I created beautiful things for myself, and slowly realized I could do more with my talent. My sis noticed and began to tinker on her own. Eventually she decided it would be best to move her creations under my name as a separate designer as I was planning to open my own etsy shop.

Every month, our knowledge and skill level increased dramatically. A simple hobby, created to keep my mind off of disturbing thoughts, transformed into a love affair. I started realizing how happy it was making me, and how all the experiences good and bad in my life were leading me to this moment.

When I fell asleep I would receive dreams and visions that haunted me. When I woke up, I instantly knew what I wanted my company to be called, what the business cards would look like, how my aesthetic could be translated in my creations. Subhanallah I didn't even need  to explain sometimes because my sister seemed to understand my desires perfectly. She automatically took to things that were difficult for me and vise versa. Over time I started to inform those around me what I wanted to do. Within the first few weeks we received interest in investing from our contacts but we decided for now to keep pushing until we feel ready to accept it. 

Then it happened....


We had to move. She found a job in New York, I moved out of state and found temporary housing. In that time, my precious business took a back seat. Our products and supplies were packed up and left in garages and storage facilities. Our goal of selling at the ISNA convention and opening online seemed like it was fading away....

When we finally were able to move back in together and have our own stable home again, we came to Arverne, New York. Our neighborhood was beautiful and safe and we could smell the ocean water in our windows. We adjusted, and started find our way to settling down once again. 

Then it happened...


This time, it came in the form of a hurricane. One day I found myself shivering with my 2 year old and my sis. We were grabbing at our fat furry comforters and trying to keep the heat in. We sat still in one spot so as to catch the small flickering light coming from our candles. No TV. No phones. No refrigerator. No light. We complained. We cursed. We laughed and joked. Sou sou snuggled inside with her and made us both laugh with her silly antics.

My dream started to come back in my radar. We started talking about the business again. There was more focus now. There was more ambition.  As soon as the lights came back on we sourced more supplies, we created more products, and envisioned more ideas. 


  • we have twice as many product offerings
  • My sister who is works more on the design side is now able to do more advanced techniques
  • Our skill level has dramatically increased, we are faster, more exact, and our products just look even better and better
  • We have multiple people interested in our journey.
  • We are working with a photographer/web designer/consultant who is asked to help us with our technical jobs because he feels so inspired about what we are doing.
  • Another "inspired" person has asked us to team with her and her charitable organization and offered us a studio space so that we can have a launch party when we open.
  • My sister's new favorite motto is, "I can't wait to quit"
  • Every day I work on this business and I pray and believe Allah will guide me to my dreams! 
latest hijab pin design
If you want to follow us our our journey stay tuned for more updates in my business planning series. Also don't forget to like my blog Facebook page (on the right hand side) because as soon as I start my business, you will be the first to know inshallah! 

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