Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adventures with Sousou: A day at the beach.

Salams folks! 

Everyday, several times a day she asks to go to the beach. Especially before she goes to sleep. It is her favorite word I think.

I usually laugh and tell her there is no such thing as beach anymore after Sandy! Truth is, it is even more beautiful than ever, we only have to scale the dismantled boardwalk. 

Alhamdoolilah for living so close to the beach. I dread the process of going outside as it takes a good portion of the day, but once we get out I automatically feel relaxed. Sou sou ran and skipped along the sand. After she fell several times, she rose up with an even bigger smile.

She squealed at the tide and played with the seashells. The beach looks like it was combed after Sandy, the surface is a lot flatter because the top layers were stripped off. 

Sou sou says eww to all the sand on her hands...

Sou sou refuses to get up and walk, she demands to be carried! 

Sou sou has a fit on the sidewalk, she lies down and refuses to move until I pick her up.....GUESS WHO LOST???


  1. awww, Sou Sou's cuteness is too much to take in. Mansh'allah! :D

  2. Masha'Allah she is soooooo cute!!!!!!!

    1. the cuteness covers up the fact that she can be so bad hahahah!

  3. lol. The lying down on the floor bit is a classic. Mine all did that in shopping malls, Doctor surgeries etc and I always won, but oh Lord my two year old now is nothing like her siblings. She lies there and doesn't move. She doesn't budge at all until you have to go and get her before the situation becomes dangerous! Your Sou Sou looks like she is about to have a little nap! lool

    1. Sou sou has a tendency to lie down mostly on outdoor sidewalks when on one is looking but she did it in the grocery store and man oh man was I embarrassed hahahah! THE fact that you have a little one that doesn't budge is awful and hilarious! I think her and sou sou can have sit outs together !!! :D

  4. she's a beauty.
    no comment about the tantrum, lol.


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