Thursday, March 8, 2012

Business Planning Chapter 3: Decisions, Turning Fantasy into Reality

Asalamu Alaykum folks, 

Today will be my 3rd installment of my business planning series. Did you miss any?

In terms of the business, things have been crazy. Since the last time I posted, these are the major changes/accomplishments:
  • I created a ton more stuff
  • My best friend and roommate has become seriously interested and is dedicated to helping me grow by being a part of the process
  • I have showed off some of my stuff to some people and received some excellent feedback
  • I have all but decided exactly the colors and how Id like packaging to be.
  • We decided to open a new line.
  • One of the products went out for testing (just to check for imperfections) but received so much positive feedback we now have orders! 
  • I am currently negotiating with designers in terms of product tags and business cards
  • ALl the packaging has been pre-ordered and should be coming in soon.
I guess lately, I have been all over the place. I have been tinkering and tweeking things in all categories and have not been very organized yet things are getting done. I predict (and hope and plan) to officially open online in 2 months. The reason I am setting another deadline is to build up my inventory and to turn all that I have been fantasizing about into reality. I think when it comes to starting a business, having a dream, a fantasy, is one of the most amazing tools we can use for motivation and helping us meet our goals.

My main fantasy for my business is not necessarily the brand I want to portray or the products I want to sell but standing out as a premier shopping experience especially when it comes to customer service.

 I do not know why, but a ton of Muslim businesses seem to be lacking in organization and communication. As Muslims we should strive for perfection in all aspects, instead of getting caught up in the sale and glamor of our products, we should focus some of that energy and dedication to making sure our customers are just as hyped up as we pretend ourselves to be.

I know personally although I didn't always vocalize it, I really felt special when I was made to feel that way where I shopped. I appreciated all the thank yous and the communication and getting to know the designers.

IF there is one aspect I want to develop, it is a fully developed enjoyable experience for customers. No matter how small or insignificant you think your business is, this is definitely something to mentally and financially invest in.

I would go into details to let you know how I plan to do this but I decided to let this be a secret and let the service speak for itself inshallah.

Also here is what you can expect further into this process:
  • More postings in my Business Planning Series
  • A series focusing on other (established) Muslim entrepreneurs
  • A sneak peak at my sctuff in due time
  • A chance for us to meet in person and see my products at the ISNA convention this year in DC (inshallah) My roommate and sou sou will be there inshallah. If you are interested in going to this amazing convention go to this link and purchase a ticket. Convention will be held from August 31st to September 3rd!!


  1. May Allah grant you success! Jazakallah for sharing this series. I'm sure it will benefit many!

  2. very informative.thanks! i shall come back for more such posts.

  3. May Allah bless you and all your dreams!


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