Sunday, March 11, 2012

Work work work, so this is how it feels to be an self starter...

Asalamu Alaykum folks,

I have been so crazy busy lately. I haven't been sleeping as much as I should and I am physically exhausted all the time. My schedule makes no sense, its just an outpouring of running around, happiness, anxiety, and lots of online work.

Yesterday morning I received the packaging supplies and cut a piece of my finger tip off when I tried to open it!

It was the rush of the excitement 

One of the biggest changes that have occurred is that I now inshallah will have another hard working sister helping me. With the added workload of getting ready to open in mid May, its needed. Also, I did some brainstorming with my roomie and we set out some major goals all the way until early September

So here is what's done:
  1. A little over half of the products are finished
  2. A new set of incoming supplies have been ordered
  3. Packaging is here and ready
  4. The design and size of the product tags are finalized
  5. The business card designs are being discussed
  6. A general calender of goals has been written (up to early September)
  7. all social media is registered but not yet set up (twitter, blog, facebook, etsy shop)

Here is what still needs to be done:
  1. More products need to be made (at least over 150)
  2. Business card designs need to be finalized
  3. Calender goals need to be input in the computer
  4. All social media and shop need to be set up and filled in for all or your convenience
  5. Etsy shop needs the most work
  6. Other tags need to be ordered
  7. Another volunteer needs to be given work alhamdoolilah
  8. Business Plan needs to be completed
  9. Photography
  10. Models
  11. lots and lots basically
 I need prayer people! 


  1. I made dua for you just now. I think its a good idea you wrote it out, that helps a lot.

  2. You're on a roll- I can see that you are so motivated.
    Like Mona, I will make dua sis.
    Hope the finger's good :)

  3. I know that you will do very well and I will make dua


You are AmaZing


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