My Bucket List

My Bucket List
(revamped on 12/16/2012)
My list is now broken into areas of focus. 

Travel and Adventure!!!!

Visit Sidi bou Said (ACHIEVED!)
Visit 10 new countries! (China, Mexico, Tibet, Iran, India
Scuba dive in the Mediterranean (ACHIEVED!)
Go Jet-skiing
Go on a Road Trip (ACHIEVED a cross country trip with sis in 2011!)
Camp Outside
Go on a cruise
Learn to Surf and Go surfing
Go hiking!
Ride in a Helicopter (again)
Visit the sears Tower in Chicago
Go on a Kayaking adventure
Achieve weightlessness
Live Overseas (again)
Visit botanical gardens
Go to a fancy restaurant
Redwoods in cali
Islands of Greece
Go sledding
Go paintballing

Fitness and Health
Run a marathon
Achieve my ideal weight
Eat more raw and healthy (make the switch)
Finish Insanity
Jog towards the sunrise (like native Americans)

Read 200 books a year
Learn to ride a bike
Learn baby signing and teach sou sou (ACHIEVED!!!)
Write a Bucket List and commit to it (ACHIEVED!!!)
Learn to bake bread
Read balaghia by Ali (as)
Grow carnivorous plants
Create a life handbook
Learn to swim
Learn Muay Thai
Learn the Cello
Learn to Kayak (ACHIEVED!!!)
Learn Self-defense
Learn survival skills
Sign Language
Learn more about Islamic History
Learn about great thinkers
Get a Masters
Learn basic Korean, Chinese, Farsi
Learn to increase my typing even faster
Take another pottery class
Take classes at FIT
CPR and First Aid Kit certification
Play piano cover for colorblind
Play piano cover for bittersweet symphony

For the Sake of Allah and my Soul!

Read Quran for Ramadan every year (ACHIEVED in 2012)
Get certified in classical Arabic
Learn 99 names/meanings of Allah
Buy and read Asad Quran translation (ACHIEVED in 2012)
Memorize Juz 30
Learn proper Tajweed
Become Hafiza
Teach Quran
Go to Damascus Syria and enroll Sultana in Houda al Habash's QUran school
Achieve Khushoo

Just because
Host a Party
Attend a clothing swap
Organize a photo album
Go to an ISNA, ICNA, and GPU conference
 Attend a Muslim Consumer Conference
Create a prayer space(ACHIEVED!!!)
Send photos to nani (ACHIEVED!!!)
Save 5,000
Invest in Halal investments
Find my calling
Go on a spending fast (1 month)
Start my own business
Model Hijab

Publishing and Writing
Submit an entry online
Write/publish a short story
Write funny haikus
Write a novel

Habits I want to form
Create a daily morning exercise routine
Show daily gratitude
Daily reading (for increasing knowledge)

People/Friends/and Family
Help (at least) one of my friends travel
Help someone every month
Make someone feel beautiful
Pay back all the people who have helped me in this life
Sponsor a child

My life Goals!
Achieve full independence and autonomy
Create a successful Islamic business in line with my dreams
Generate a steady income from online
Create a successful lifestyle blog
Become a speaker and a Consultant for budding entrepreneurs
Find/Create my dream Job
Memorize Quran
Become Totally FRICKEN AWESOME!!!

You are AmaZing


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