Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adventures with Sou sou!

Its about almost 2 am. I am looking over at my daughter lying sideways with her shirt flipped up and her stuffed camel propped up on her belly. 

I think when they fall asleep they look fatter. 

All their muscles relax and their cheeks puff up. When Sultana was a newborn I used to tease and prod her in her sleep by poking her in the face or flicking her lips. Much to everyone's surprise, she never awoke, just huffed and sighed in mild annoyance. Even today, I pet her head or hold her hand while she is asleep. Sometimes I lean in close to her and ask her for a kiss. Sou sou almost always raises her head with her eyes closed and kisses me. 

Subhanallah its always late at night, when the house falls quiet, when I am too tired to keep cleaning...I turn over my shoulder and realize how much I love my daughter.

Today I took sou sou and made a boxed cake (left over from my accidental birthday present for my sis here). I first sat mon sou sou on the CLEAN kitchen floor and aided her in pouring the ingredients in a big pot.

Then I showed her how to crack and separate an egg with one hand. Afterwards, she did it with me. Then I yelled at her as she kept dipping her baby hands in the mixture and eating the mix. She didn't run away or get bored. 

She was happy and attentive the whole time.

I am worried about tomorrow because I feel the need to work so much on the business, yet I do not want to miss the precious moments that I still have left with her.

Give your babies or your precious ones kisses from us! 
May they be safe and blessed always.


  1. Umm Sultana, I always love reading your posts! Your writing is so positive, it never fails to put a smile on my face :D

    And mashaAllah you're daughter is the sweetest thing (:


    1. Aww Jazakallah Khayr Bint Nura! I appreciate that so much! :) have an amazing day!

      Im gonna follow you!

  2. She's so cute, masha'Allah.
    I bet she loved it.

    XO Arezu

  3. YOU will have lots and lots of precious moments with her, inshaAllah. You're a great mommy!


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