Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Style: High Tea Fashion Show Outfit and Markers and Thread BLoggy!

Peace and Blessings to all my dear readers!

Welcome to all the newbies and veterans! Its been foreversville since I had outfit posts. Last Friday, I attended the sisters only fashion show at St. Johns University. It was featuring Nida Mirza from IslamicGems and her new clothing line. 

I don't know if it's because I barely get out of the house, or because everyone was so nice,but I had an awesome time! I even got to meet the amazing Sadeel Allam from Sweet Modesty blog! Not only is she beautiful but she is sweet too (go figure!) 

I hope one day to host sisters-only events too (as you can really let loose) but for now I am very excited about the opening we will be having in NYC. Inglot Cosmetics (producer of the water permeable nail polish/found to be wudu permissable by many) will be launching the Sultaness (fb page, website)at their studios in Chelsea Square. 

This is a big deal. 

I don't remember the last time I have seen a major international company launching a smaller (new) Muslim one. 

Perhaps the Sultaness will make history? 


Inshallah I hope it will happen and it will be successful and enjoyable for all those who attend! 

Ok now to the outfit: 

Bad Lighting=teal blazer and bright coral maxi dress

Yes, I looked like a tropical skittle! 

Lush by the Sultaness (I wore this to the event)


All my lovely photos were taken at 1 am when my eyes were about to close. I'm so happy I made in there as it was quite an adventure getting lost on my way to and from.

Inshallah I will be telling you about my new favorite blog (stay tuned)  that I want all of your to run over and join because this woman is pretty amazing! 

Have a great day till we meet again! 


  1. You're just gorgeous. I can't wait for the blog rec. :)

  2. Wow you look amazing sis!

    XO Arezu

  3. A beautiful love love the pin:)xoxo Shina moon willow

  4. awesome xx cant wait to purchase your jewellery!

    1. :) I cant wait to finally put them up for sale inshallah! THanks!


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