Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How can I help you?

Peace and blessings folks! 

I am really excited right now because I have so many good things going on in my life. I am starting a business, meeting so many inspiring and beautiful
people, and gradually increasing my knowledge. One particular project I am going oodles over is that I am in the process of creating a video series about networking for Muslims! For some reason, I feel this intense push to do so!  

What I am finding so far is that there is so much more value in connecting with others in your life. There is so much value in being helpful and giving. I once saw myself as someone without value....especially when I was homeless! One of the ways I healed myself through those dark times,was using whatever I could to be giving to those around me. 

For example, for many months I slept on a couch with my daughter at the bottom of my best friend's parents home. The kitchen was right next to me and I noticed how everyone in the home ate separately and had to figure out their own meals. I decided one day that I wanted to be busy so I stared cooking for the whole family, and calling them down to eat. Even if it was for a few brief moments everyone was in the kitchen together and talking. It was an amazing feeling.....

Not too long ago, after my first photo-shoot for the Sultaness, we connected our amazingly talented photographer with our model. She was trying to add more interest in her life by diving into her modeling career (shes in the medical industry by trade) and by bringing them together, she can have some photography from one of best guys in the industry. This past weekend, they got together and did another shoot! 

I no longer look at myself with limited resources or abilities, rather I see myself as someone with unique value. And the more that I do, the more people I meet, the more I can do for others. So dear readers....

How can I help you?

I have been blogging for well over a year now. I know many beautiful and amazing people and I have a facebook page. I also am in the process of starting an amazing business.

If there is any way I can help you (I will try my best) please let me know! 

Do you need help promoting your blog? Do you want me to post about anything particular. Do you want me to spread the word about a cause or your passion. Do you need some advice from a complete amateur like myself haha! Do you want to be facebook friends and support each other inshallah? Please let me know! You can tell me here or write to me on furiouslyfabmuslima@gmail.com. Or you can facebook me and we can connect there.

I won't bite! (unless you hiding donuts or something nearby lol) 


  1. Mashallah! Shooting an email noqw (lol)

  2. Readers! Don't miss this amazing offer...behind the bling and glam of this classy lady is an extremely savvy business woman who has read hundreds of business and personal development books...hold degrees, has experience. Seriously, thank you Fab for this offer! I am also going to shoot you an email now <3

  3. stay as you are and continue writing great posts ;)


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