Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reflections: Preparing for Ramadan Mentally and other Updates

Salaam folks!

Ramadan is starting tomorrow and I feel both excited and a little anxious. There is so much I want to get accomplished and yet so much fear of not accomplishing them. It would be better for me to have this attitude throughout the year and just not for this sacred month, but I hope at least the coming days will enact for change and spiritual transformation inshallah.

I want to reveal to all of you my goals for this Ramadan.

Lets start with my general self analysis:

I feel very spiritually distant as a result of occurances in my life since last year. My moving situation is STILL in limbo, and I have had to put my dear business on hold as a result. I am still searching for employment and support my bestfriend/sis in our anticipated move back to New York which is proving incredibly difficult. I feel stuck, nearly hopeless...a bit angry. Deep down inside I know Allah swt is doing this for a reason, and although I feel like crap sticks, I have an advantage this Ramadan. For example, I have the ability to fast, and time on my hands to utilize the best of my capabilities. My responsibilities are less then they were last year.

During this month I want to:

(Religious Goals-tangible and specific)
  1. Finish the reading of the Quran
  2. Memorize Surat Naba (my favorite)
  3. Practice Tajweed (recitation) daily for at least an hour minimum
  4. Performing prayer
  5. Daily Tasbee7 after prayer
  6. Important Dua memorization (will search for my favs soon)
  7. Watch Islamic lectures/movies
  8. Increase my knowledge overall with extensive reading

(Spiritual/Emotional Goals)
  1. Revive a love and desire, if not need to maintain my Salah (khushoo)
  2. Feel greater trust and reliance on Allah
  3. Decrease my anger and bitterness
  4. Abstain from wasting time on things that don't benefit me during this month, like mindless TV watching, music, chatting, phone convos...etc
  5. Reflection, contemplation, looking at my faults and what I hope to achieve in this life...
(Personal Goals)
  1. Increase my Signing ASL vocab
  2. Teach and read to Sou sou  Daily
  3. Daily Physical Activity (Badmitton)
  4. Update my bucket list
  5. Create a review policy for this blog
  6. Refrain from unneeded purchases and save the mess out of my money
  7. Get rid of Sou sous old clothes
  8. Practice my Spanish and Egyptian Arabic
  9. Blogging (posts that I have been itching to get out)
Do you have any religous/spiritual/personal goals for this Ramadan? Is there anything you want to accomplish without a question? Where do you want to be by the end of this month? Happy fasting folks!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing sister! May your goals be fulfilled and bring you contentment.
    I have the same goals that I tend to have every year which mainly consist of performing the Tarawih prayers at home every other night on my own. The last two years I intended to read the whole Quran but would get only to around Surah Ta-Ha so this Ramadan, well last night I began my daily Quran reading from Surah Ta Ha.
    I only tend to pray Tarawih prayers at the masjid during the beautiful last ten days so inshaAllah that's my plan again if Allah allows me.
    I rarely watch t.v just the odd programme that I like which I don't consider time wasting but Oh Allah! I was finding myself reminiscing about tunes from back the days lately and 'youtubing' them so I knew once Ramadan came I would not go there and hopefully inshaAllah I will 'not go there' after the month is over but I do find it hard at times to totally abstain. Guess it's a weakness of mine.
    I too am going to learn a dua or two as well that I marked out and I am trying to be calmer and refrain from getting annoyed quickly. So yeah my spiritual list is a lot like yours.
    Stay sweet sis!

    1. That sounds great sis! I hope you accomplish what you set out to do as well. I felt that itch of boredom yesterday so I took a walk. I know it would be difficult to totally abstain so reduce it gradually so u don't feel like your punishing yourself haha. Have a blessed ramadan!!!


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