Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tag! You're IT!!!!

Asalamu Alaykum! 

I hope you are all in the best of health and imaan (faith)!

I have a question for you...what kind of shopper are you? I read this in a great book I am reading (review coming soon) and I thought it was a wonderful way of getting to know what are our innermost motivations. 

Here is the scenario: 

You walk into the store and you see a scarf or dress in multiple colors. Which color do you choose and why? You can choose based on 3 motivations: 
  1. I choose because I love the color!
  2. I choose because this particular color looks good on me!
  3. I choose because this color is in season now and is really trendy!
My Answer: Personally I usually choose stuff that looks good on me. Overtime I happened to fall in love with these colors as well. I definitely love neutrals, deep royal colors like violets and emeralds, most shades of pinks, and black. I can't stand myself in yellows and anything too light like white or cream because I think it makes me look matronly and chubby chunk!

For me, no matter how much something is in trend, or no matter how much I love the color I always will default to what I think looks best on me physically.   That's my innermost shopping motivation.

Now what kind of shopper are you? Here is how to do it:
  • always link back to moi at: http://furiouslyfabmuslima.blogspot.com/
  • Copy and paste the scenario and the options
  • Give your answer and expwain!
  • Tag 3 to 12 of your most favorite bloggers with the same scenario
  • Don't forget to write out the rules so they know how to do it! 
  • Have fun with it!!! I just learned I am a boring old fart who has a hard time keeping up with trends haha! 
Welcome to Tagville! 

Amal from Starry Eyed  -A really down to earth blogger who always has interesting topics.

Sirisha from Success: A Comprehensive Guide -My friend for  many years, one of the most kindest, and intelligent people I have ever met!

Hijab Revival -I love her style, she is consistently chic and positive blogger!

Mona Z from Mama Mona-This blogger is a mother after my own heart who is very creative, talented, and sweet!

Amina from Bag of Treats -I love her beautiful smile, her personal style, and great photos! 

Soso from HiddeninStyle -She has great product reviews!

Salma from Chasing Rainbow -A great blogger with some amazing child rearing habits we should all look up to!

Imani from FashionableMuslimaStories -Super creative blogger with talent, I love how she uses colors!

Sobia from Reveiling Yourself-Consistent blogger with great posts!

Latifa from A little Unorthodox Hijabi -I love her perspective on life, and her charming style!
Vajiha from Muslima in Reverie -Great reviews, beautiful personal style, and wonderful posts!

Sorayya from Sorayya -A beautiful stylish blogger who always has great photos, oh she is hilarious too!

I can't wait to see what your answers are!!!!


  1. Thanks for the tag, I'll post mine soon :) Wait, do I tell my readers to link back to you or to me? Also will we find out what this means about us?

  2. Nawww your too sweet! Will do mine in a day or two Inshallah and will join all the other blogs you have recommended!:)

  3. AAAWW thanks sister ... I tagged you in a different tag
    check it out here

  4. Thanks for the tag and sweet words Um Sultana! I'll do mine later today or early tomorrow inshaAllah.

  5. @Mona Z, Thanks woman! The readers can link back to you, also I wish there was some kind of interesting reveal but its a pretty much short and sweet question just to see what kind of shoppers we are :)

    @Sorayya, Thank you for reading mama, I meant what I wrote ;)

    @Imani, I saw all those tags! Now you gave me work todo haha!! thank you :)

    @Amina, Inshallah sis, thank you for reading :)

  6. thanks for the tag, Inshallah will tyr egt roun to doing it xxx

    1. Inshallah sis! Thanks for stopping by ;)

  7. Hey! Just noticed I was tagged in this post LOL
    I am so outdated!

    Thank you so much for tagging me!!! I cant answer your question on my blog cause it has nothing to do with shopping... but will tag back to you in one of my posts.

    As for the answer, I would pick 1) I choose because I love the colour... unless mom sees me wear it and yells at me for choosing something that doesn't look good on me - then she picks the colour... LOL - you know mom ;)


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