Monday, January 23, 2012

My Style: Casual Artist Outfit

I can't seem to come up with any unique outfit names. 

Do outfits even need names? 

For now on all of my outfit/accessory posts will be found under the label My Style.

Today I was my own photographer.

This is a typical outfit when I go out casually or when I have a lot of work to do. Most of my items are knits and stretchy. Lots of room to breath, move around, bend and flip (a must when mothering). My awesome cardigan was purchased from a thrift store for less than $10 bucks and is my favorite thrift store purchase by far!

I love my facial expression

Dress/Shirt-Purchased in Egypt

My Super Chic Sideways Scarf pose haha!

Thanks for looking! 
I hope all of you have a wonderful day!


  1. agree with Amal, very cute! And you have lost weight yes?? luck u!

  2. the outfit looks so nice and comfortable :)

  3. @Amal-Thanks mama, and thanks for following too ;)

    @Sorraya-I did lose weight!!! haha I can't believe you noticed. It wasn't from working out either!

    @normal-Thanks woman, I appreciate it :)

  4. haha i guess we have the same dilemma every time i want to post an OUTFIT post, i cant seem to come up with a title name.. nwe thanks for dropping at my blog!! followed you dear, hope you follow me too !:)

  5. @Mera I know right! I think I am just going to say whatever comes to my head and try to not be creative or else it will take 15 minutes to finish haha. I love your blog and Im following. (i always follow anonymously)

  6. I'm loving your style...always did.
    BTW, whrere did all the posts come from, I don't know how I missed them the other day.

    Salam sis...looking good--GREAT actually.

  7. @Salma-idunno sweets, blogger is kinda acting funky lately, I am so flattered you like my style :) Because you stroked my ego so well, I am actually going to try to stay this skinny hahah!

  8. I like the top a lot. It's the perfect length and looks great with the animal print contrasting with the tan hijab and pink undercap. Love your style!!

  9. Love it, super cute
    Check out my blog


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