Friday, August 23, 2013

Nafiza J's Handbook for Life (its time for a change)

Peace and blessings,

I can't tell you how many times I contemplated ending my blog. I felt that no one was reading, it wasn't relevant anymore, and it wasn't nearly as chic and fancy enough as my other accomplished blogger sisters.

It wasn't until recently after reading a passage of Mastery where I started silently mulling why exactly was I even having those thoughts?

Thoughts about others. 

Thoughts about keeping up.

Thoughts about not feeling good enough.

I am business woman. I overcame a problematic child-hood. Im juggling CEO-stuff and a divorce and single mother-hood. Yes some days are darker then others but I manage to find joy and I love to read and research my butt off. Subhanallah I have accomplished a lot.

I was about to be one of those bloggers who was about to move on...

But no, I'm taking you with me.

So ok, I'm changing. I don't quite remember if I ever made dua (personal prayer) for wisdom (its on my bucket list) but I do feel that the path to wisdom must be wrought with plenty of tests and moments of introspection.That is indeed what has been happening lately. 

I hope Allah blesses me with wisdom one day.

I have made some pretty crazy changes. I consider them crazy because they happened unexpectedly and quietly.

silent thoughts leading to clarity...

Inshallah I will write up those changes but the most obvious one is my blog title. I know its crappy it doesn't match with the URL but I like the sound of this.

I am going to go more inward. Learn more. Reflect more. Grow more. Organize more. Celebrate more. All of this on my path closer to Allah and hopefully accomplished author, business woman, and leader.

Forgive me for my absence in not responding to comments. I read them. I love them. They make me smile and I read them again. I hope you will enjoy traveling with me on this next phase of my life.

Nafiza J


  1. Don't stop! People are reading it. People are learning from you too.
    Fi aminallah sister!

  2. Dont stop writing, I dont know how many people are reading you blog. But I can tell you I stalk you almost everyday. (Not in a creepy kinda way, in a cute interessted in my sister kinda way ;))
    I also wanted to let you know how proud I am that you started the Sultaness business in such a sucessful way. I am always excited to see your updates on FB and enjoy reading all the blog reviews from other sisters. You are a very powerful woman and a great person i think. So pls keep up your good work. U are amazing <3

  3. Write for you first...I always want to know what's going on with you.

  4. This blog inspired ME on a self improvement path! I don't think I speak only for myself when I say that your writing inspires Muslim and non-Muslim alike!!

  5. I have been reading your blog for a long time! Don't stop. You have a following. May Allah (swt) make it all easier on you.

  6. It is always great to find your vision, then find it again, and again and again :-) That is evolving! I like that book mastery...I love how it says there are plateaus to have patience with but after each plateau is a burst of growth and understanding.


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