Friday, October 19, 2012

Jumuah Mubarak! Gratitude List Friday!

Jumuah Mubarak folks!
“And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and He made for you hearing and vision and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful.
- Nahl 78
I hope you are all in the best of health and faith. It’s been way to long since I did a gratitude list. If you like to submit your own on this blog just email me at
Past Lists
Alhamdoolilah for
1.       Living in a safe and beautiful block
2.       Being so close to the beach
3.       Seeing the house fill up with light during the day
4.       Hearing the festive Caribbean music from my neighbors houses
5.       Always receiving a smile from my landlords mother
6.       All the love sou sou receives from those around her
7.       Being so close to the park
8.       Having a beautiful and lovely daughter who loves and is loved by everyone
9.       Seeing her try to recite Quran even though she doesn’t even know how to read!
10.   All the times she sits on my lap after prayer and tries to make dua
11.   My book collection
12.   Having the drive to still start my own business hopefully next year
13.   The support and enthusiasm from different types of ppl for the business
14.   My very small circle of friends.
15.   Knowing my best friend for so long, knowing she is my sister for life, and having the opportunity to live with her, help each other, and to enjoy every day with each other.
16.   The feeling of a nice warm bath after a run
17.   Being able to run close to home
18.   The ability to draw, create, and design
19.   Eating much healthier
20.   All the energy I have to get through the day
21.   Getting help with sou sou
22.   Being able to set goals and work on achieving them
23.   Finally clearing our house since the move so there is walking space
24.   Our beptobismal pink bathroom eek! which is so damn girly.
25.   Sharing my hair journey with my sister
26.   Finally finding good products for my hair
27.   Having my hair grow to the longest length it’s been since I was young
28.   Having a bigger room with more light
29.   Gourmet goat cheese
30.   Getting through the toughest years of my life and being where I am today
31.   My awesome scarf collection
32.   My blog
33.   All of my readers
34.   My awesome walmart mirror that doesn’t make me look chunky butt
35.   Learning to let go
36.   Learning to not let broken friendships bother me anymore
37.   My bucket list
38.   Getting back into shape
39.   General safety
40.   General good health
41.   Sound mental health
42.   Being disease free
43.   Hearing the ocean at night when everything falls silent
44.   My plush comforter
45.   My prayer corner
46.   My intense collection of hijab pins
47.   Cheap groceries in new York
48.   Beautiful music
49.   My wardrobe
50.   Being born a Muslim.


  1. Alhamdulillah for the life that allah has bestowed upon you. You live and learn honey.

    Wish you the Best in your journey of self-satisfaction.

  2. Alhamdoolilah! :) Thank you sis!


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