Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hair Journey Part 1

Hello Folks!
Today, is the second installment of my “progress” with starting this new path to improving my hair and reaching my hair goals that I started in this post.
First of all, what is a hair journey?
A hair journey process where someone makes a continuous intentional commitment to grow and/or improve the health of their hair.
This process takes a lot of patience, some extra funds, plenty of research and sometimes physical daily maintenance. It may be even best to document or take note of what is happening with your hair. A natural hair journey is when someone who is used to relaxing their hair chops it off and starts to regrow healthier un-relaxed hair.
This is a new movement that has been growing in the past 10 years and I hope it continues to grab more attention and more gals make the switch.
When I was growing up I don’t remember 1 African American girl who wore her hair completely natural by choice. It was, and has been the norm for black women to chemically process their hair to appear straighter or for manageability. I don’t know the statistics but it’s pretty undeniable that in the US there are more and more people mixing and people like moi with half African American ancestry have fallen into the habits of thinking our hair too is not as awesome as it actually is. With the right amount of knowledge, products, and proper upkeep you can transform your hair into its natural beautiful state no matter what type of hair you have. You don’t have to be black or half to benefit from this movement. The one thing I’ve gathered from all the vloggers, bloggers, writers, and gurus is that there is so much fascinating knowledge out there about hair care in general.

For example, it never occurred to me that a lot of products out there contain ingredients that have made my hair suck! In the not so distant past, all I used to do was try a hair product, and if it worked fairly well I would usually stick to it. I never bothered to read the back of the bottle nor did I actually search for specific things for the improvement of my hair. I was exposed to some of the Indian hair care products like henna, Vatika and Amla growing up and never stuck with for some reason in adulthood.
I have worn my hair natural since 2005 and with improper hair care and limited effort it grew from about 2 inches long to almost armpit length. My problem now is that I have a lot of split ends to undue and I want to reach the goal of growing it mid back and getting it a lot healthier and stronger.
The first thing that I did was figure out what type of hair qualities as this will help me to choose better products and start handling the right way. Click here to learn more about your hair texture.
I think this is an awesome resource for figuring out what hair type you have! They just added pictures and celebrity references which will make it easier to create your individual profile.
My Hair Profile
Curl Pattern: 3b front and sides, 3c middle and back.
Density: High
Width: Medium and Fine
Length: Medium, past shoulder length
My Hair Goals
  • Form a consistent hair care regime
  • Grow out my hair long to mid back length
  • Improve my hair's strength and overall health
Recently I have been researching and buying tons of new products. I will be reviewing all of them for you here on this blog inshallah. I intend to inshallah list them and and go through them eventually, but before I do, I want to list my most favorite products that I have developed a love affiar with. My favorite products:

Why are my pictures so fuzzy! ahh!
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo
Dudu Osum 100% Pure Natural Shampoo

One n only Argan oil Moisture Repair Conditioner
Agadir Argan Oil Daily Moisturizing Conditioner Sulfate Free

Africa's best Ultimate Herbal Oil
Wild Growth Hair Oil

Cantu Shea butter deep treatment masque

Protein Treatment:
Palmers Coconut oil protein pack

Deep Conditioning:
Dr. Miracle's Tingling Intensive Deep Conditioning treatment

 Stay tuned for the next post inshallah for reviews and what not!


  1. Haha you are gorgeous!!! Never read such a plan before, makes me wanna make one for my hair as well :) Do you mind if i "steal" your idea for my own blog (not your post, making my own plan of course) Ill mention your blog of course :)
    Have great day! ws best wishes from Germany

    1. Thanks sis!!!! I'm glad u are inspired by it! Do as you please sweets :)

    2. great thx a lot habibti, I'll send u the link when I finished inchallah.

  2. Hey! Good luck with this. I'm mostly the texture of a 3B but I have to add a little 3C. I started my journey like what? 1 year ago? It pays off so well.It's so rewarding b/c I love knowing I'm taking care of my hair. There's always so much to try and figure out and so many natural recipes for your hair. The only problem for a Canadian like me is I don't have the product variety the states is lucky to have. I make do with what I can :P

    Looking foward to your reviews! lol I'll add advice where ever I can.

    1. Im so excited sis to here you already have started a journey! This is so new and recent for me. Do you guys have amazon? THey tend to have a HUGE array of stuff in general and I found lots of the products there. Yes please offer all the advice you can, I'd love to hear from other sisters ;)

    2. Yeah we do have Amazon and all that good stuff. But tell my paranoid mom that it's actually somewhat safe to order things online. I bought an eyeshadow palette from BH cosmetics recently (I don't recommend their stuff, fallout drives me crazy) and she wont let me hear the end of it after using her Debit Card.

  3. asalaamu alaikum...ohh great post! I say, keep at it! I always get a bit tearful when I see some of the little girls on my block getting their hair permed already...I'm like...c'mon! really! anyway, Im not mixed but my dad has very coarse and very curly hair naturally and I inherited it...cept once I started with hejab ever so long ago, the curl left for some reason...but I still can get some waves if I make an effort...but its coarse still. Anyway some of those products I actually use! Unfortunately most of the products made for "white hair" are only good if you have very fine hair or oily hair...well, mine is coarse, dry and breaks easily...frankly, half the time I go to Sally's and buy products from the black hair I slather argan oil on my hair after washing, ive used the tingling deep intensive conditioner before...ive used the protein oil packs and heavens only knows what else since I as a teenager. I regularly henna my hair and since I started my hair has been growing a lot...alhamdullah. I plan to just keeeep growing it out...and just trim the ends. Between the argan oil and the every 3 month hennas my hair isnt too bad and it doesnt break as much. Also I stopped regularly brushing my hair...again, may sound weird, but once I stopped brushing it daily (I brush it weekly) and keeping it braided up my hair also doesnt break as much (I do massage my scalp daily thou). I wash it twice a week. Sofar so good...keep up the good work! Im glad youve finally regained control over your hair and are trying to keep it healthy. Its a struggle as society says 1 thing and well, your own body says something else...

  4. Unfortunately, while I got my father's Italian genes for my hair color, I didn't get the thick and curly texture that my younger sister did (and of course, people compare sisters ad nauseum). My hair is very thin and fine and is prone to breaking easily. I've done henna, perms, different hair cuts and highlights, but lately, I'm finding that I can achieve a very silky hair texture if I use the right products. Your post inspired me to research products for fine hair and I'm taking a hair journey of my own!


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