Saturday, October 20, 2012

Featured Events: ZOMBIEFEST!!!!!

Once upon a time my roomie and I went searching for good ol’wholesome fun in New York. After some perusing we found a lovely event happening in this horror-filled season known as:
Friday Night Zombiefest!
Friday night zombiefest is the most terrifyingly delicious event happening just about Friday at Indoor Extreme Sports Center on Van Dam Street in Queens. Every Friday night they currently offer participants a chance to turn into a “dumb character” we are all used to screaming at in horror movies. In a lazertag setting, they are released in an apocalyptic style arena densely filled with fog, eerie background music and the smell of incumbent fear! All they have to do is fight for their lives with nothing but their guns, each other, and the darkness!

Now when I say how much fun this was, I feel I need to throw in an explicative just to emphasize how I still can’t help from smiling from that night!!!
Roomy, my friend J, and I, planned on going for almost a week. Right before we hopped on the subway we decided to transform ourselves into makeshift soldiers. We wore all black from top to bottom, and while roomy put on her beautiful smoky eyes and dark lipstick, I went for war paint around my eyes and a Palestinian scarf tied around my face!
When we got to IES, we were met with smiles and super courteous service (hard to find that in NY nowadays). Although it was filling up we managed to arrive in time for a spot to play for 1.5 hours left of the night. Normally for just a mere 35 dollars per head, you can play for 3 hours!
They put us on a team with three other IES fanatics and we eventually formed a strategy and won our last round.

During our particular game, there were 9 zombies lurking in the shadows ready to jump and scare the living shiznits out of you by either grabbing or touching our guns. If we managed to shoot them first their vests lit up to show they were “dead” for only about 30 seconds before they started “attacking” again. But if one of us got caught first, we would have to run back out of the arena to “come alive,” except this time we might be all alone! AHHHH!
By the end of the night we are all sweating from head to toe, sometimes catching our breath. The heat from the arena and the adrenaline rush can’t be beat. IES was so nice enough to let us take pictures afterwards too!

zombies posing for a picture at the starting line!

ZOmbie still life photo lol

Our favorite zombie from the night! SO fricken fast, she killed us all (several times haha)

She just had to have an extra taste of my arm!!!
If you are ever in NY, take a stopover at Indoor Extreme Sports to play ether the arcades, paintball, or the asylum lazertag, and experience the awesomeness!

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