Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Life: Youm al Arafa and Eid Plans inshallah!

Salam wa Alaykum folks! 

I hope you are all in the best of health and imaan. And I hope you are racking in all the blessings this special day when the Prophet delivered his Last Sermon. I am putting chunky face down for a nap and wanted to use this time to blog.

Alhamdoolilah here are some updates going on:

  • I just enrolled chunkybutt in a daycare which is only a 20 minute walk from where we live. This is the first time I am "learning" to let go and finally get more time to myself inshallah.
  • I went to two awesome events this past few weeks which I will post here: You can expect to read up on Amir Sulaiman's book release and poetry reading in NYC as well as the showing for the Light in Her Eyes documentary in NYU with commentary by the filmmakers.
  • I will be inshallah covering the Roses from the Prophet Event in NYC (notice how I am obligating myself haha). Hopefully I will get a lot of photos and details about how they prepared the roses and messages to spread dawah about the Prophet Muhammed saws.
  • Also, I am finally getting a cord for my camera so I my photos won't suckity suck. 
  • Just expect a lot more activity inshallah.
  • Also please make dua I find some gainful employment soon :)

Have a blessed weekend! 


  1. I hope all the things you want to do come together, and lol pictures would be awesome.
    Eid Mubarak, and the sermon you posted didn't go to waste. Loved reading it.
    Weird to say, but I miss the prophet (S.A.W)

  2. Eid Mubarak to you and Sou Sou. Can't wait to read your future posts about the events.

  3. Not at all weird, perfectly.imperfect


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