Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Project: Go on a Spending Fast-Congrats to all the fasters!

Asalamu Alyakum Folks! 

I wanted send some more crazy excitement about depriving myself from consumption for the Month of March. One of the reasons I am doing this is because it is a goal of mine on my bucket list, and to see how much a girl can save.

I am so glad that these super awesome folks are stepping up right with me for this challenge! A  big ol' Congratulations to:

I will keep an eye on your blogs especially during this month. If or whenever you post about your experiences relating to the fast I will send my link back to you so everyone can check out what we are going through!

Let me pose a question...

What would be the perfect ending to this fast in March?

This is what I imagine:

....lots of saved money
....a discovery on my own habits and relationship with money
....a greater appreciation for the little things
....learning survival skills or new ways to improvise, be it finding free fun, or creating homemade meals new found love for things money can't buy
....getting closer to my goals

What do you imagine folks... what would be the real benefit for you?

Challenge Rules:
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained! A Challenge indicates hardship, and a challenge can never be conquered unless you have commitment! Also, the better the intention behind something, the more worthy it becomes so I am hoping for God to give me strength and protection on this one!
  • The Challenge starts March 1st 2012 and ends on March 31st 2012.
  • Have a Plan of Attack
Be strict on what you are allowed to spend on. These are necessities to get by in your life. When you write the list, look at it again and cut it down even more if possible.

Here is mine again.

  1. Travel expenses -includes fare, tickets, and gas to get to the places I need to go)
  2. Business Start-up costs-packaging, inventory, and all the needed items to get myself up and running
  3. Baby needs-Diapers ...
  4. Groceries-Includes mostly food and anything my roommate will need
  5. Health- inshallah any medicines or important purchases
  6. Gym-I haven't decided yet but I would like to start going to a gym just to change things up a bit
  7. Rent and money owed-self explanatory
  • Have a Off Limits plan

This is the previous plan's evil twin sister. Be honest with yourself these are the things you are not allowed to spend on, and NOT DO, which would tempt spending. When we fast for Ramadan we are not supposed to go sniffing cheesecakes all day!

Here is my Off Limits Plan

1. Absolutely no ONLIne window shopping! No etsy, no ebay, no asos, no researching new shops, nada! And no spending on them either.

2. Absolutely no eating out! I buy groceries every month. That is what I eat when I am hungry. If I am hungry outside, I will wait until I get home. If I get thirsty then I will remember next time to bring water. Note: a lot of money is spent on small purchases. Multiply a cup of coffee (say 3 bucks) by 5 days a week by 4 weeks a month. 

3. No money on entertainment (movie rentals and tickets, iTunes songs, games, other tickets, event fee tickets.....sounding sad already)

4. No womanly purchases (no makeup, no shower gel, no shampoo....use what you got, and if you don't have it, get it before Thursday!)

5. No buying books (I'm crying right now)

6. No buying gifts or paying for other folks. If you really need to, make it with your hands!

I know some of you out there are tempted to join! You can still do it! Just let me know so I can link back you your blog during the challenge. Let's support each other ok?


The Positivity Challenge starts tomorrow. I received an update on the details. Every day I will be asked a question that I am supposed to answer and reflect on, then I state what was the best thing that happened to me for the day. This challenge is going to get personal obviously, do you folks want to read my answers on LFFM? Let me know. 

ALso, also, Giveaway to be announced tomorrow and a guest gratitude list to be posted on Friday inshallah.


  1. Wow, good luck with that. I can'

  2. Hahaha! MOna, who wants to deprive themselves on purpose? Its an experiment that I hope will reap great rewards and a bucket list goal. So we will see hot this goes inshallah :)

  3. No entertainment? no books? not even shower gel?

    1. Hey rish no purchases for those things. I can still utilize what i have here. I haven't read all the books I own and my roomie as a subscription to netflix. I also have plenty of shower gel. I dont need to buy a new bottle every month because i have some saved over. I am just buying anything new and is not a necessity.

  4. OMG! I didn't know you made this post! I'll definitely update about it!

  5. Like you i nearly sobbed at number five.

  6. I have yet to post about this!! But I have been on my fast. I can't believe how relaxed I feel taht I'm not thinking...oohhh need to go get this today...need to get that tomorrow.

    1. Wow Subhanallah! I am glad you are feeling good. Keep it up girl. As soon as you post about your experiences just let me know ok ;)

  7. Serious resisting temptations today in Tesco while grocery shopping. They have an offer on Books right now that is almost as good as Amazon =( ..There was even a book by Jodi Picoult there for £3.58 or something. I DID NOT BUY.

    Makes you think how little things you buy all add up though =0


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