Saturday, February 25, 2012

Link Loving: LFFM top 6 Self-help sites!

I am a Self-Help fanatic (at least I imagine myself to be!)

80% of what I read can be defined as self-help and love reading all those lovely motivating educational sites. They are so powerful and inspiring, in my opinion, that I could spend a good portion of my day exploring them. Self-help resources are like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Most just can't quite make it, but once you find the one that fits, you are in love!

 It is because of sites like these, that I have a bucket list, and have transformed my life so much. 

These are my top  6 Self-help sites to follow and connect with:

  1. Zen Habits-Just going to this site automatically makes me feel a sense of calm and peace. The writer is really sensible and down-to earth and man oh man do I love reading his stuff.
  2. Mark and Angel Hack Life-One of the best blogs I have ever followed. Just go. Now!
  3. The Personal Excellence Blog-I hope one day to meet this girl. She is the reason I started doing the bucket list, the reason why I want to create a life handbook. Awesome awesome site. 
  4. Becoming Minimalist- A blog that helps you change your perspective on money and materialism. The best aspect is how it makes you appreciate the little things.
  5. Litemind- A great, thoroughly written resource for intelligent ways of training your mind for the better. 
  6. Makesmethink-I cried from this site, I laughed. Some of it I just had a hard time believing. A very very powerful read hands down

What do you guys think of the links? Have you heard about any of these sites before? What other great self-help links do you hook up with?


  1. Thanks for the sites I am also into this stuff I have to admit lol

    1. Glad you liked it noor, these are def my faves :)

  2. Nope Im not really big on self help sites to be honest but Im going to have a look at the above ones to see if they change my mind!


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