Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Ready Folks!

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music"
-Angela Monet

Yes it is 1 in the morning and I am bursting with excitement. I have so many wonderful things to do I can barely contain myself. Inshallah my roomie and I may be taking a trip to fabric lane/row/whatever here in Philly to purchase some scrumptious fabrics for my up and coming store and more DIY posts. More info on that later....

The day after tomorrow (Thursday) it will be the 1st of March which means I will start my spending fast! Yes, it means no spending or shopping for me! 

Do any you folks want to take this challenge on with me? 

It would be great to have a partner and a shoulder to cry on when times get tuff! But what I am most excited about are 2 things:

Number 1

I signed up for a Positivity Challenge being hosted by one of my favorite self-development blogs. I do not know what the details will be but it will be a 21 day challenge to harness more happy thoughts and habits I suppose. You guys will get to hear all about it and see what I have to go through! 

Number 2

LFFM will have lots of great things happening in the next few weeks:
  • More Gratitude list submissions (thanks for those who sent in their lists! If you would still like to send one please do, it only takes a few minutes!)
  • A bunch of product reviews (I made sure we'd have stuff to talk about since I will be deprived next month!)
  • More fashion photos
  • A book review or two 
  • More e-book uploads up top! (I am still researching some more, I read all the ones I put up)
  • An Event Announcement (I hope to see you folks there!)
  • A Post about Baby Signing and a video starring sou sou!
  • Guest submissions of poetry
  • Maybe a video of how I wrap my scarf (I'm camera shy folks!)
  • More posts about me tackling my bucket list
  • And .....a LFFM Giveaway....(it has something to do with the DIY Scarf wink wink*)

 Before I go to sleep (like I was supposed to hours ago, don't forget LFFM is on facebook!)

Also, last but not least, Sister Imani at Fashionable Muslimah Stories is having a Giveaway. Who doesn't like free stuff? Go take a look-see at her blog to find out the details!!

P.S. (then I am really going!) 

Thank you for reading this. 

Thank you for following!

I appreciate all of you and take note whenever LFFM gets a new follower. I try my best to visit and comment and really do enjoy reading about your unique perspectives and lifestyles. I love to collaborate with other folks so please hit me up with any ideas or submissions you think would be relevant. May Allah bless and protect us. Toodles!


  1. YAY sounds all so exciting and Im so happy for you! Inshallah you get it all done!!Cant wait to see it all!

    1. Thanks sorayya! I can't wait to get it done too! I hope you enjoy all the new stuff to come inshallah.

  2. I think I will be joining you on the spending fast. I think about it every day now when I am out buying something. Haha. I'm like hmm let me fit in before March 1st! Did you live in NY before? Did I visit your older blog...I remember pictures of you, your husband, and possibly Sou Sou in the snow?? Is that right or is my memory off??

    1. Good I am so glad you are joining, stay tuned for an update/announcement about the details. No you are right sis, I did used to live in New York :) but not anymore.

    2. Awww...I'm coming to NY in April. Would love to meet you!

    3. hey sis let me know the details like how long are you staying. If I am on the east coast I will to come up there inshallah :)

  3. Sign me up for the spending fast, Im gonna' need to bury my credit card somewhere deep and resist ebay (my new way of wasting time) =(
    Definitely looking forward to a hijab tutorial =P

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Glad you are on board sis! I will post an update soon!

  4. Hey when you say roomie, did you move away somewhere else? Or are you talking about your hubby? Didn't you live in new york? Huh :S What am I missing here? Oh I'm joining the spending fast woman! I need to save money if I'm gonna eventually live on my own soon. Even picking up a part time job inshallah kheyr :) LOOKING FORWARD!

    1. Hey sis! Yes I moved from New York. Its just sou sou and I on our own now. Life (and people)have a way of changing things up on you so now I am getting on my feet a as single Mommy. I am so glad you are on board. And I truly wish you all the best on your way to independence as it can be tough. Let's make out next month really well.ALso, I pray you do well in getting the job :)

  5. ASA, inspired by your blog to get back to my own blogging. Looking forward to reading more. Consider me a fan.

    1. Salamz Sayeeda, I am glad you enjoy the blog so far, I hope to continue to deliver better content. When you get your blog started, do tell me so I can follow :)

  6. Just got my kindle and in fact i sm rearing this post and commenting on it all with my kindle! !!!


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