Monday, January 7, 2013

Being sick and recovering to some good news inshallah

Salam folks! I can't even remember the dates but a few weeks back I abruptly fell ill. It happened a few days after I took sou sou to the doctor's office.

Go figure...

It is amazing how I haven't gotten sick in a while, but as soon as I went to the pediatricians office and sit for an hour around snotty infected children, I caught something.

It had to be the flu.

I woke up, extremely cold as the house sometimes becomes freezing (we still don't have heat from the damage from Hurricane Sandy).

I ran to take a hot bath and as I bathed I noticed how my skin felt like it was burning. As soon as I got out I felt so much pain in muscles I begged sis to give me a massage on my legs. I felt some relief, only to find out it was temporary by the time I crawled back in to bed. I felt defeated. I felt absolutely freezing to the point my skin felt like it was burning. My muscles felt like I ran a race and didn't stretch, my whole body was aching. After several hours of attempting to fall asleep, I began to cry. The pain was only getting worse. I crawled into sis's bed and she checked my forehead. She said I didn't feel warm but my whole body was sweating. She left to get me medicine and place the heater next to me which was on full blast, yet the parts of my body not directly in front of it still felt cold. 

I only ate 2 apple slices, got sick and threw it up and continued to fall in and out of dazes. I was unable to stand longer than 5 minutes,  and it exhausted me to talk. I couldn't stay asleep for longer than a few hours at a time. It continued for about 4-5 days and I exhibited less symptoms per day. At the end of 4 days I had lost 9 pounds and was unable to do simple things like wash dishes without needing to sit down. Although every day I got stronger, it was a slow process and it wasn't until the past 4 days where I finally felt like I regained my normal strength. 


I announced to my friends on facebook to make duas for me, that's how desperate I was to get better. And now it feels like it never happened. 

By the way....

One of my sick days I was called in for an interview. I am not sure if I will be accepted for the job for at least a week from now. But inshallah if I do, it will help tremendously to start my business as well as stability for my family. But, if it doesn't happen, I am still trucking forward to get this thing opened by June inshallah. 

I pray all of you have been in the best of health and imaan. 

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