Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photoshoot Updates!!! (Part 2)

Salams folks! 

Have you read my earlier post? Look Here. 

 The business will officially launch on June 29th inshallah! I am so excited to bring you behind the scenes with what happened yesterday at our first historical company photo shoot. 

The countdown has begun! Get ready folks!!!!

The gawgeous model Rima (Tabarakallah) who was both highly professional and a joy to work with! 

Rima getting styled for the first look

Tabarakallah! Our second model gets her makeup done for her looks.

Smile for the camera! 

Alhamdoolilah. wa Allahu Akbar. Nothing would be possible without ya Jamal, ya Lateef, ya Wadud, ya Mutakkabir, ya Wajid, Ya Wali,  ya Rasheed! Thank you for all your duas and support for my family and I along this exciting and challenging path.


  1. MashaAllah sis. Well done on your launch. May it be blessed. ameen

  2. Ma sha Allaah, they look lovely! I like how their headscarf is done.



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