Friday, August 31, 2012

You NEED to SEe this!!: One 4 kids Zaky DVDs

Hello Folks!
So not too long ago, while looking around online I happened upon some incredibly adorable Islamic videos for Muslim children!  The character Zaky and the videos were created by a company called One 4 Kids. They company has already produced seven films so far and are set to come out with perhaps two more by the end of the the year inshallah.
  On their website, they stated that the videos are "not only [to] entertain children but also remind them about Allah and most importantly the manners and character of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) so they can imitate his beautiful manners."


After watching the previews online I absolutely fell in love!  First, the videos are visually beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the details of the nature and the drawn characters are very well done considering the audience. Also, the videos seem to feature only nasheed music. The song lyrics don't come off as cheesy at all.  Rather, I find them very catchy, wonderfully written and sung for a developing audience. Secondly, I love how calmly the videos seem to flow. Do you ever notice how cartoons nowadays are so loud and crazy?  In my opinion its all way too stimulating, but Zaky DVDS seem to balance entertainment and education really well. Need I add the fact that they are internationally focused and feature Muslims (drawn and real) from all colors and countries?? I do find that some of the Muslim media from around the world seem to forget that there are lots of brown and black Muslims out there. 
Something which prevailed for years in American media. Last time I checked, the popular Muslim barbie dolls being produced in the Middle East were all white skinned.

Ridiculous I know!


This is my top priority product to purchase for sou sou inshallah. She was already fully immersed in the preview for the Let's Learn Quran with Zaky DVD. They have real proper recitation by children on the video and include how to derive lessons from the surat.  If you haven't seen these please take a look!

Don't Forget. One4kids Website, One4Kids Youtube Channel.

What do you guys think? Have you heard of these videos before? If you have, what are your opinions? Would you buy these for your children or any young Muslims in your family?


  1. We love Zaky! We have four of the Zaky dvd's. My four year old learnt surah humazah in two weeks just watching it here and there masahAllah! I love how it has the meanings of the surahs so children can learn surah's with words they know and understand. BRILL!

  2. WOw mashallah Sana!! Hes only 4 and learned the whole surah! Yeah I can NOT wait to get these inshallah ;)

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