Monday, June 3, 2013

Product Review: Princess Arabia Fashion

 Peace and blessings folks!

Ok, so about 10 forevers ago I purchased some maxi dresses from a Facebook storefront called Princess Arabia Fashions. It was the second time I ever ordered something on Facebook as I am an old woman and sometimes don't trust doing it.
It seems nowadays that its becoming quite commonplace to do so. I first saw the advert for the Yasmin dress on Sweet Modesty blog's facebook page. I almost fell off my chair as I find it hard to find long sleeve floor length colorful dresses. 

You can tell I rarely wear prints on anything except my hijabs! Alhamdoolilah I placed an order with the owner (through email) and not only did she communicate with me, but my dresses eventually came to me safely all the way from Singapore. She was cordial, very VERy kind and prompt and always made me feel at ease with the transaction despite how busy she must be. I had to order a plus size, because I have an extra awesome physique! lol

Oh by the way....did I mention you can get these babies for 35 dollars?

Orange Yasmine dress in plus size 

I ordered 3 colors: the green, hot pink, and orange. The best thing about these beautiful dresses is that they have a great vibrant color to them and come with pockets. 

They are also NOT sheer in any way and they have a really good weight to them. I feel like the material is pretty exceptional for the price and the fit is flattering even on my shape and size. I have ordered dresses 5 times more expensive (aab abaya review here) and was in no way as satisfied as I am with the service and product quality form Princess Arabia Fashion!

This is the type of piece I will have in my closet for years to come. the versatility is awesome and the shape and design is just classic for my style. I am 5'6 and the dress did not hike up funny it slightly touched the floor which is how I like it. 

Don't you like my pin? See the Sultaness here 

I know there is a diaper box! We like to reuse things!

I had to add a duck face! 

Princess Arabia Fashion also sells a whole lotta scarves, makeups, and other what-nots. Check them out! 


  1. You look amazing.
    These warm/autumn colors suit you very well.
    I'm gonna take a look at the shop too :-)


    my new blogname

  2. Thank you Laleh! Yeah I plan on getting more myself one day inshallah :)

  3. Hi,
    Does the abaya stick to your body? I've ordered jersey like ones and they tend to stick even with a slip underneath.


  4. You look really chic and beautiful. Mashalla. Does the abaya stick to your body? Because I've ordered online and some stick to me even with a slip on.


    1. Salams :) I think it depends on the size. the Abaya comes in one sizes, normal and plus size. But their sizing is based on average bodies in Singapore which meant I had to order a Plus size. Because they are One size fits all I think had I had less "body" it would have been much looser. I think it depends on your body. If you are a slim person and you order a plus size it would hang a loose maybe even perhaps if you ordered a normal size. I ordered jersey stuff before and these dresses are not see through and dont reveal your panty line as much as those other clothes. Inshallah I hope that helps


You are AmaZing


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